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22 Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

22 Holistic Uses for Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil Include Beauty & Skin Wellness. A Great Raw Virgin Massage Oil & Also Used As A Vegan Chapstick.

Daily Dosage: Here is a Chart Outlining the Recommended Daily Dosage of Virgin Coconut Oil for Persons Over the Age of 12. Coconut Oil May Be Consumed by Children Under 12, But it is Advisable to Check with (GP) on the Proper Dosage or Any Good Naturopath Will Have the Information at the Ready.
Weight in Kilograms.
Number of Tablespoons Daily.
79+ 4
68+ 3 1/2
57+ 3
45+ 2 1/2
34+ 2
23 1 1/2 

80 Uses for Coconut Oil.

Personal Hygiene and Body Care.
1. Moisturiser – Simply Scoop Some Out of the Jar and Apply All Over Your Body, Including Neck and Face.

2. Eye Cream – Apply Under the Eyes and Use on the Lids, In the Evening. 

3. Pre-Shave – Coconut Oil Will Prep Skin for the Pending Damage Caused by Shaving.
4. After-Shave – Coconut Oil Will Help Your Skin After Shaving Without Clogging Pores.
5. Deodorant – Coconut Oil Alone Can Be Used as a Deodorant, But Even More Effective in Combination with Cornstarch/Arrowroot Powder and Baking Soda!

6. Hair Gel – Rub a Little Between Your Palms and Either Scrunch into Hair (for Curly Hair) or Finger Comb in Through from Scalp to Ends (For Wavy/Straight Hair).
7. Toothpaste – There are Numerous Recipes Out there But I Just Mix Coconut Oil and Baking Soda and Dab a Little of the Mix onto Toothbrush.
8. Make up Remover – Simply Use Cotton Swab with a Dab of Coconut Oil.

9. Chapstick – Simply Rub a Little into Lips and it Not Only Acts as a Softening Agent but it Also has an SPF of About 4 So You Get a Little Protection!
11. Massage Oil – Pretty Simple; Grab Some and Rub!

12. Lubricant – It is An All Natural, Perfectly Safe Personal Lubricant. 

13. Nipple Cream – Works Great to Nourish Cracked, Sore, or Dry Nipples. Apply to a Cotton Ball and Leave on Your Nipples Between Feedings.

14. Diaper Salve – Very Comforting on a Sore Bum, Also Safe for Cloth Diapers.

15. Cradle Cap – Having Issues with Dry Skin on Your Baby’s Scalp? Coconut Oil will not only Nourish Your Baby’s Skin. Just Rub a Teaspoon onto Scalp Daily.
16. Body Scrub – Mix Coconut Oil and Sugar Together and Rub All Over! Rinse Off and Your Skin will Be Super Soft! 
17. Use 1 Cup to 1 Cup Ratio When Replacing Other Oils/Butter in Recipes with Coconut Oil.
18. Replacement for Various Oils in Liquid Form, Baking, Cooking, Sautéing, etc.
19. Melt and Add to Smoothies.
Other Uses.
20. Insect Repellent – Mix Coconut Oil with Peppermint Oil Extract and Rub it All Over Exposed Skin. Keeps Insects Away and is Safe. 
21. Great for Dogs and Cats General Wellness. Just Add a Teaspoon to their Water Bowl Daily.
22. Moisturising and Cleaning Leather Products.
22 January 2012 by eternal delight