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5  Holistic Ways To Cope With Daylight Saving

Tonight is Daylight Saving! So you may notice it's a bit brighter when you wake up tomorrow morning. 

It means that the days get darker earlier and potentially disrupting our rhythms. Even though it's only an hour, falling back can be confusing for our bodies on a cellular level.

To make this transition as simple and gentle as possible, we've put together our best tips for absorbing and optimising that extra hour.

1. Get to bed earlier.

This one seems to make no sense but an earlier bedtime will help our bodies adjust. 

For those of us who have a harder time falling asleep earlier, we suggests using some of our amazing sleep promoting recipes and products to adjust to an earlier bedtime. You need about a week for the internal circadian clock to switch. 

This hot chocolate recipe is especially designed to have just before bed. Or get our "simply stir into hot/warm/cold water" Instant delicious drinks:


Or take our delicious and also easy to use Deep Sleep Power and/or Night Gains Sleep Wellness Protein Powder:



Check out all Sleep Promoting Products, such as our Calm Time Tea >>


2. Look toward the sun in the morning.

When you look at the sun in the morning, it helps signal the start of the day to the body. This helps reset your internal clock. First thing going outside or looking at the sun through a window is the best way to do this. Of course you want to be careful not to look too long directly at the sun but just generally toward the sun.

3. Take advantage of the season and turn inward.


Writing during this time, when fall turns to winter and the senses withdraw can be very insightful. Embrace the yearning to stay in, lay low, rest, journal, light candles, make art and reflect. Just make sure you have company or community some of the time.

4. Ladies, balance your hormones from plant-food sources.

Ladies, be mindful of your adrenals. Of course, discuss with your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen, but B12-rich foods such as:


And magnesium-rich foods such as:


will help your body energise sooner in the morning, and fall asleep earlier at night, while the gelatinised maca root powder for example will give the adrenals extra support during the whole first week of the transition.


5. Keep bedtimes and wake-up times consistent.

This one is the most important, but we all struggle with it sometimes, especially in the winter.

Routine is important to maintaining any sort of balance. A regular bedtime and wake-up time can often make all the difference in people's energy levels, motivation and mental/emotional health. When we go through a time change, a bedtime routine/sleep schedule is particularly important and helps us stay on track, because we are held by this schedule, even if the sunlight/clocks are shifting around us.

So pick a time and stick with it.


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01 April 2017 by eternal delight