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7 Ways to Fight Your Sugar Hangover

Sugar is a Delicious Treat That We All Enjoy! But Too Much Can Put You Out of Balance. Here are 7 Ways Easy Ways to Fight Your Sweet Hangover Naturally. 

Sugar Can Be One of Those Beautiful Treats in Life, That We Are Given in Order to Practice Balance On a Daily Basis. Even Though We Have Every Right to Enjoy It, Make Sure You Follow Up with Any of These:  

1. Don’t Starve Yourself.
The Excess Insulin in Your Blood After a Sugar Binge Will Make You Feel Hungry and Usually, What You End Up Craving are More Sugary Foods. Do Yourself a Favour and Resist Instead, Turn to Eating Foods that Your Body Will Break Down Slowly, Such as High-Protein Low-Carb Meals and Snacks: Perfect Examples are our Protein Powders. This Will Help Realign Your Blood Sugar and Help You Avoid Another Sugar Hangover.

2. Water - Hydrate! 
First Things First: Drink Water. It’s Important to Ensure that You are Hydrated Before Partaking in Any Sugary Adventure, and Continue to Hydrate Afterwards. This Will Help Your Liver and Other Essential Organs Process the Sugar More Efficiently. Aim for One Glass Every Hour.

3. Become A GREEN Machine.
Too Much Sugar Throws Off the PH Balance of Your Body, Leaving an Increased Level of Acidity and Inflammation. Dark Leafy Greens, Amongst Other Alkalising Vegetables, Will Help Restore Balance, So Load Your Plate Up with them for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Need Some Help? Check Out our Recipes or Go Straight to our Super Green Product Range.

4. Soothe Your Insides.
An Extreme Sugar Hangover Gives You Similar Symptoms to Nausea. Ginger Will Help Soothe Your Insides, Boost Metabolism, and Fight Inflammation, To Get You Back to Feeling like Yourself. Brew Up a Cup of Ginger Tea. The Best Choice is Our Natural Powder, Which You Can Drink to Your Relief by Just Stirring a Teaspoon into Water. Check Out Our Amazing Recipe to Make a Wellness Boosting Cocktail.

5. Eliminate.
Increase Your Fibre Intake Throughout the Next Several Days. Consume Plenty of Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains Throughout the Day to Support Your Body's Elimination. For a Little Extra Boost, Pour Yourself a Nice Tall Glass of Soothe. Combined with Plenty of Water, You Should Be Good to Go.


When it’s Time for Bed, Make Sure You're Allowing Yourself to Get the Amount of Sleep Your Body Needs. Yes, Caffeine will Help You Feel More Awake During the Day, But it Will Not Support Your Body’s Recovery. Sleeping with Low Blood Sugar (Post Sugary Spike) Disrupts Your Quality of Sleep, So You Have Some Making Up To Do.

7. Ditch the Guilt.
Do Not Waste Any of Your Time Rehashing the Details of What You Consumed. Focus on the Positives. Where Did You Go? Why Were You laughing? What Did You See? You are a Resilient Ball of Strength, Vibrance and a Handful of Sugar-Laden Nights are Not Going to Change That. Always Remember, What You practice Consistently that Makes You Who You Are. 

Love Your Body for All of the Amazing Things it Can Do and For All of the Amazing things it Allows YOU To Do! For its Ability to Participate in Activities, For its Resilience, and for How it Can Move, Grow and Recover, with Very Few Questions Asked.

All of the Practices Mentioned Here will Support Your Body in Bouncing Back, But Put a Little More Love into that Support by Consciously Creating Positive Thoughts About Yourself and Your Body. Spoil it with a Soothing Massage, Restorative Yoga Class, or Pro-longed Bath. Your Sure Deserve It.

30 December 2016 by eternal delight