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When You Get Hungry Late at Night - (Have this Snack)

Do You Ever Get Hungry Late at Night and Check the Fridge for a Quick Snack? The Truth is Most of Us Do, Here's How to Turn it into a Positive Habit.

Ice Cream with a Box of Cookies May Seem like a Good Idea When You Have the Late Night Munchies, But Soon Enough We are left with Melted Chocolate on our Fingers, Crumbs in our Bed, and a Restless Night’s Sleep.

While the Guilt of Eating Naughty Foods is Bad Enough, The Food Itself does a Number on its Own. The Foods that We Quickly Choose are Usually Difficult to Digest.

Here’s what Happens Once the Body Goes into Sleep Mode. The Body's Organic Goal is to Focus on Repairing and Cleansing.

Therefore the Consumption of Hard to Digest Foods Pushes the Body into Stress Mode.

The Food is Often Not Properly Digested, Which Creates Toxins in the System. Blood Sugar is Spiked, Adrenaline is Released, Toxins are Stored in Fat Tissue, Rebuilding and Detoxifying Processes are Impaired.

As a Result, Weight Gain, Bloating and Sleep Issues Begin.

The Consequences of Poorly Chosen Late-Night Snacks are far More Distressing than Expected, But Here’s the Good News, You Don’t Have to Quit Your Nighttime Snacking Habit, Just Tweak It a Little.

Choosing Foods that are Easy to Digest, Naturally Sweetened and Full of Whole Nutrients, Nourishes the Body Right, When Needed.


Missed Out on Your Daily Dose of Lean-Body-Promoting Nutrients? Then Get in a Quick Green Protein Shake Before Bedtime.

The Combination of Easily Accessible Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants from the Greens with the Right Amino Acids from the Protein will Go Straight to Work in the Body.

This will Help to Regenerate During Sleep, Getting You that Much Closer to Your Wellbeing Goals.

All You Need to do is to Add Water to Your Green Protein Powder or to Any Other Protein Powder (In this Case Add 1-2 Teaspoons of Green Delight or Extreme Greens) and Spin in a Blender on High and Enjoy.

Our Intelligently Formulated Night Gains Protein Powder is a Special One: While You are Getting Your Proteins and Greens, As You Also Prepare Your Body for a Soothing Good Night's Sleep!

Thanks to Sleep Promoting Super Herbs Such As Hops, Valerian and He Huan-Pi, Plus Soothing Herbs like Peppermint and Cardamon.

Eternal Delight Protein Shakes are Nourishing Late-Night Snacks that will Undoubtedly Satisfy Your Belly, Without Expanding Your Waistline!

Will Drinking Protein Shakes Before Bed Promote Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Do You Ever Work Out Late Night and Wonder Weather You Should Skip Dinner or Have a Post-Workout Protein Shake Before Bed Time?

No Matter What the Question, We've Got You Covered with Our Night Gains Protein Powder!

Drinking a Protein Shake at Bedtime has Some Advantages for Weight Loss, Because Protein Boosts Metabolism and Stimulates Muscle Building/Repairing While You Sleep.

The Challenge is Making Sure the Calories in Your Shake, Don't Ruin Your Daily Calorie Goal.

Calories in Protein Shakes.

A Protein Shake May Sound like a Healthy Addition to Weight Loss, And Protein Does Support Weight Loss, But Your Success Depends on How it’s Used.

You Could Replace a Meal with a Shake, Enjoy As a Snack, or Drink Right Before Bed, But if the Protein Shake Adds Calories on Top of a Normal Daily Intake, It’s Going to Lead to Weight Gain Rather than Loss. 

All Our Protein Powders are Low in Calories = Around the 21 to 41 Calories (90 to 111 kJ) Per Serving Size.

The Powders Also have to be Mixed with a Liquid to Make a Shake. Best to Go with Water to Avoid More Calories, But if You Choose a Cup of Any Milk or Juice, You’ll Add 80-120 of Calories (330-500 kJ).

Then Your Protein Shake is Up to As Much as 161 Calories (673 kJ), Which Could be Almost Enough to Ruin a Diet if the Calories aren’t Calculated as Part of Your Total Daily Intake.

If You Consume 500 More Calories (2090 kJ) Than You Burn Each Day, You’ll Gain Weight, While Taking in 500 Fewer Calories Results in the Loss of a Pound Over a Week's Time.

Protein Shakes for Weight Loss.

Even Though the Metabolism Naturally Slows Down When You Sleep, It Still Keeps Working and Your Protein Shake will be Digested and Absorbed.

But Grabbing a Late-Night Snack or Drinking a Protein Shake Before You Sleep Will Not Affect Your Weight as Long as Your Snack Doesn't Exceed Your Calorie Budget.

The Body Gains or Loses Weight Over Weeks and Months of Consistently Consuming More Calories than it Needs for Energy. These Excessive Calories Accumulate to Create Extra Pounds Regardless of What Time of Day they were Consumed.

To Be Sure that a Bedtime Snack Doesn't Lead to Weight Gain, You Need to Keep Track of How Much and What Type of Food and Beverage You Consume.

It is Recommended Choosing Nutrient-Dense Foods or Beverages with Fewer than 200 Calories (836 kJ).

Choosing a Protein Powder Often Comes Down to Personal Preferences, But When the Goal is Weight Loss, The Bottom Line is the Number of Calories Per Serving. 

All Our Protein Powders are Low in Calories = Around the 21 to 41 Calories (90 to 111 kJ) Per Serving Size.