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Ocean Algae Powder with Coconut Water - Eternal Delight

Among the First Plant Life on Earth & with their Enormous Nutrient Density, the Ocean's Raw Algae did not Attract Much Attention in History until 1890.

Algae is an Informal term for a Large, Diverse Group of Photosynthetic Organisms, 

The Process by which Green Plants and some other Organisms use Sunlight to Synthesise Nutrients from Carbon Dioxide and Water. Photosynthesis in Plants Generally Involves the Green Pigment Chlorophyll and Generates Oxygen as a By-Product. Despite Algae's Enormous Nutrient Density, Algae is no Overnight Success. Although it was Among the First Plant Life on Earth, Algae didn’t Really Attract Much Attention until 1890. At Eternal Delight we Enjoy adding Ocean to a Glass of Coconut Water, Juice Water or just a Small Amount of Water. If you are used to Concentrated Green Foods then take it with a Small Amount of Water directly Under the Tongue; however for Most People, this is Quite Strong. The more you Spread the Consumption of Ocean throughout the Day, the More Benefits. Best when taken in the Morning on an Empty Stomach. Eternal Delights Organic Ocean is a Combination of Rich Blue Green, Red Brown Ocean Algae, Make for an Uplifting Organic Powder, to Increase Energy, Metabolic Rate, and Regulate Thyroid Activity for Best Health and Wellness. 

In 1890 the Dutch Microbiologist Martinus Beijerinck, Began to Study Chlorella Algae and Grew Chlorella in his Lab.

 A Few years later, German Scientists Discovered that Algae has an Extremely High Concentration of Edible Protein, a Discovery that later led to Otto Heinrich Warburg Winning the Nobel Prize for his work on Photosynthesis in Chlorella. The German Discovery also Ultimately Proved to be somewhat Lifesaving, when World War I left them without food or livestock and the German Government used Chlorella Algae to feed their Starving Nation. After the War, Algae seemed to be Forgotten as a Food source, and interest in it didn’t Resurface again until World War II, when the Hiroshima Bomb Destroyed Japan’s food supply and the US Government sent Chlorella Algae along with other Food Supplies to Help them Avoid Starvation. The Chlorella was a Desperately Needed Source of Protein, and to Everyone’s Surprise, it also Seemed to Alleviate some of the Effects of Radiation Poisoning. The US Government took note of this, and in the Late 1940’s began Extensive Research on Algae.

Algae’s Ability to Assist with Remediation of Radiation Poisoning has since been Confirmed and used at other Radiation Disasters including Chernobyl.
By the early 1950’s, Algae’s Nutritional Profile began to Draw Significant Attention in the USA. Even NASA threw their Support behind Algae and Announced their Intention to Grow it in Space. Algae’s Nutritional Pedigree was further Solidified when The Carnegie Institute Declared it was the Answer to America’s Growing Nutrition Crisis and Recommended Algae be put into Production Immediately for Mass Consumption. The only problem was that Algae had never been produced for mass consumption, so The Carnegie Institute funded the World’s First Pilot Plant to do it. However, the Algae proved too Complicated to Grow and the Pilot Plant was shut down after just one year.
But the Algae story doesn’t End there, The Rockefeller Foundation stepped in and Offered Financial Support to the Japanese so they could learn how to Grow Algae for Mass Consumption. The Japanese Accepted the Challenge and Although it took them Ten years, by the Early 1960’s Algae production in Japan was a Vibrant Industry and Well on its way to Becoming a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.
Spirulina and Chlorella Algae are now firmly entrenched in Japan’s food supply.
Algae’s Nutritional Profile and Agricultural Efficiency, on an Acre-per-Acre basis, provides Two Hundred Times more Protein than Cattle while using one Tenth of the Water, making it an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Food Crop. Algae is still Relatively unheard of in NZ, but over the Last Fifty years, it has Grown into a Substantial industry in Asia, where Tens of Millions of Folks take Algae every day instead of Vitamins. Asian Athletes use it to Improve their Performance, and Entire Asian Countries use it as a Source of Protein and to Increase their Energy, Focus, Vitality, Remove Toxins, Speed Recovery and Even prevent Hangovers. Algae is not only an Important crop in Asia, but it has now quickly become one of the most Studied food Sources in the World. There are over 100,000 Scientific Reports Documenting Algae’s Hundreds of Benefits and Nutritional Properties.
17 April 2017 by eternal delight