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Natural and Organic Flavours - (Confused?)

Are You Feeling Confused and Annoyed About All these Claims that Natural and Organic Flavours are Bad for You. Well, Here is the Truth About Fake Flavours.

We Came on to the Cafe Scene in CHCH Back in Late 2009 and Challenged Ourselves to Offer Real, Local and Organic Whole-Super-Food Cuisine that was Completely Raw, Vegan, Gluten and Refined Sugar Free.
We Blew People's Minds Including Robert Trujillo who Told me (Paul) that Patricia's Raw Mexican Burger has Exploded his Mind and He was Very Grateful to Have a Full Late Lunch with us and that we Supercharged His Day Before He Played to a Sell Out Arena Show that Night! 

Anyways What I'm Trying to Say is that for All the People in the Know, They Know that Eternal Delight Has Been Setting the Standards for Clean and Ethical Food Since 09 and has Been Doing it Fake Free Since then and has No Intention to Fall to the Pressure of Fake Taste Buds or the Falsely Informed Masses.

We are 100% Committed to Creating the Best Organic Superfood Cuisine Possible.
Eternal Delight Trusted and Loved Since 09.

We are Sure By Now that Most of You are Well Aware of How Most Businesses are Lying Straight to Your Face, When they are Telling You that They are Selling Clean-Food, Real-Food, Bespoke This and Handcrafted That!

Man, these People Go So Hard at Trying to Tell You How Good their Product is, That they Try to Brain Wash You with all Their Loud Noise.

Please, for Your Own Sake Read the Ingredient List on the Back and You are Sure to Understand what is Real-Food and what is Not.





We've Noted Red flags here, as you may have noticed in the ingredient images above. Keep reading and find out why and keep in mind:

Real-Food Does Not Include.
Flavour from Pure Ingredients.
Artificial, Natural and Organic Flavours = Fake Flavours.

What Does Natural Actually Mean?!

It Seems to Have a Positive Effect on Forming an Opinion About a Product.

But Did You Know that the Term "Natural" is Not Even Regulated and Can Be Used to Describe Almost any Type of Food, (Regardless of Quality).

There Are All Kinds of Natural Flavours in All Kinds of Organic and Non-Organic Foods and Drinks.

Check Your Pantry.

From Natural Flavour to Natural Chocolate Flavour or Natural Vanilla Flavour, Or Even a Combination of (Unidentified) Natural Flavours, You will Find Them.

We All Know that Artificial Flavours are Not Natural.

But the Honest Truth is, Natural Flavours are Not Any Better than Artificial Flavours.

Although Natural Flavours and Artificial Flavours Differ by Source, Both Contain Added Chemicals.

Using Natural and Artificial Flavours Together is Also Common.

Beware, Organic Flavours are Also Mysterious.

Well What are they Then?

We Have the Right to Know What is in our Food, So that we Can Make Educated Decisions About our Purchase. 

Make Your Own Research and You May Find Your Best Bet is to Avoid Foods with Natural and/or Artificial Flavours and/or Organic Flavours by Choosing, Fresh, Whole-Foods and For-Real-Foods, Such as our Eternal Delight Products, Whenever Possible.

Note: Yes, It Can Be Confusing, But Once You Learn the Basics of What is Real and What is Fake (Just Like Instagram), You will Feel Better and You Will Not Be Misled Anymore. You Can Pass on Remarkable Information Knowledge and Help Change the Food Culture in New Zealand.

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May 21, 2018 — eternal delight