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New Hemp Law - (Changing Agriculture Forever)

Finally NZ and Australia have a New Hemp Law! It's Confirmed that the Seed as a Food is Legal! This will Change Current Agriculture and Health Models Forever.

Finally in New Zealand and Australia it has Been Confirmed that Hemp Seed as a Food is Legal to Sell, This is Fantastic News for Everyone! Now we have the Right to Use this Amazing New Zealand Superfood to the Fullest.

We will be Featuring our New Functional Food Series, Starring NZ Hemp on the Day that the Final Piece of Legislation is Done.

Congratulations to All who have been Involved Directly with the Law Change and to All that Believe in Hemp! Hemp is a Remarkable Whole-Food and Super Beneficial Natural Resource.

Low-THC Hemp Seeds as a Food.

Ministers Received a Report by the Swinburne University of Technology Regarding Consumption of Low THC Foods and the Effect on Random Drug Testing Protocols in Australia and New Zealand (the Consumption Report).

Ministers had Requested that the Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) Investigate Information Gaps Identified in Considering the Adoption of Low-THC Hemp Seeds as a Food.

These Covered Marketing and Labelling Issues, Legal and Treaty Implications, Maximum Levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and the Potential Effects on Road Side Drug Testing.

Ministers Noted the Key Finding of the Consumption Report is that it is Highly Unlikely that Consumption of Food Products Containing the Levels of THC Tested would Result in any Positive Tests on Oral Fluid, Blood or Urine.

In Light of these Findings Ministers Supported the Draft Standard that will Allow Low-THC Hemp Seeds to be Sold as a Food.

The Standard will take Effect Six Months After it has been Gazetted and Ministers Acknowledged that there is Still a Range of New Zealand and State and Territory Legislation that Currently Prohibits the Sale of Low-THC Hemp Seeds as a Food which will Need to be Amended.

Ministers also Supported the Establishment of an Implementation and Monitoring Working Group.

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Stay Tuned As We Will Be Adding More Once the Standard has Taken Effect.

May 01, 2017 — eternal delight