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Are you effected by the vegetable shortage - Eternal Delight

An Easy Solution to the Vegetable Shortage! Our Raw & Powdered Nutritious New Zealand Super-Greens are An Easy Instant Alternative to Fresh Greens!

Eternal Delight's Raw and Powdered Nutritious New Zealand Super-Greens are An Easy and Instant Alternative to Fresh Greens!
Unfortunately Only Recently some Super Market Salad had to be Withdrawn Due to Being Tested Positive for Listeria which Lead to Overpriced Salad Products on the Market Shelves. Now, not only Salads, but Beans, Broccoli, Silverbeet, Lettuce and Spinach are all in Short Supply due to the Wettest Period on Record around the country, especially for Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Whakatane and Many more. The Retail Prices are Already Reflecting the Shortage.  
Don't Wait Weeks Before Shelves are Fully Stocked Again, Simply Enjoy our Special and Stock Up on Raw New Zealand Super-Greens in a 100% Pure Powdered Form! Which You can Add to Smoothies, Soups, Dressing, Sauces, Shakes, Stews, Desserts etc. containing 5 Times the Nutritional Value to Fresh, Per Volume!
We Are Running an Additional 11% Discount on all Raw New Zealand Super-Greens Until the Situation Relaxes.
Simply use NZGREENS and Get an Extra 11% Off.
The Most Important thing You can Do for Health and Vitality is Get those Healthy and Nutritious Greens into Your Blood Stream! It Doesn't Matter if You Eat them or Drink Them :) Our Nourishing 100% Pure Powders are Rich in Raw Enzymes, Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals and Phytochemicals. Greens are Known for Promoting a Strong Immune System and this Special Offer is Perfect Timing, For the Cold and Flu Season is Close and No One can Afford to Go without Greens. 
Popular Greens at Eternal Delight.
Popular Greens in Powdered form are Spinach Leaf, Barley Grass and Alfalfa Leaf. You can Add them into Virtually Anything and to Every Meal. Our Green Instant Juices Extreme Greens and Green Delight are the Most Complex ones Containing up to 7 Different Greens, Easy to Use and Portable which Makes them a Good Option for People who Travel a Lot and have Trouble Getting in Many Servings of Vegetables when on the Road or Simply when Wanting to Increase the Intake of Greens.

Powdered vs. Fresh Greens.
Powdered Greens are a Nutritious Alternative to Fresh Greens, Easier to Digest and can be Added to Water, Smoothies or Any Beverage, Soups, Stews, Sauces, Hummus, Desserts Etc. Dehydrated Greens Keep for Years while Retaining Enzymes and Nutrients, No Need to Refrigerate. Just Store in a Cool, Dry Environment. 

How To Get The Most Out Of Eternal Delight Super Green Powders.
Take the Recommended Dose and be Consistent. Taking a Green Powder Once in a While won’t Provide the Optimal Health Benefits Seen in Taking it Daily.

Here You find Everything "Green"Teas, Protein Powders, Dehydrated Herb and Vegetable Powders and Powdered Sprouts.
03 May 2017 by eternal delight