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White Kidney Bean the Carb Blocker

Natural & Plant-Based Carb Blocking White Kidney Bean Extract has Featured on Dr Oz. Enjoy Guilty Pleasures & Safely Cut the Amount of Bad Carbs Absorbed.

Carb blockers are exactly what they sound like. By inhibiting the digestion of starchy carbs, white kidney bean extract can cut the amount of carbs absorbed in the intestines by up to 66%.

How Does White Kidney Bean Extract Help?

Before understanding how carb blockers work it’s important to know how a starch is converted into a sugar in your body. This process starts when you consume anything starchy from potatoes, to rice, bread; a digestive enzyme known as amylase starts to break down the starch into sugars in your mouth.

Think about this the next time you eat a slice of white bread, you might notice as it dissolves in your mouth it becomes sweet, this is the amylase breaking the starch of the bread into sugars. But of course this only happens to a small degree in the mouth. After we swallow the remaining starch it is halted in its break down because the sheer acidity of your stomach acid, which prevents amylase from doing its job.

It’s not until the small intestines that your pancreas can secrete more amylase to finish breaking down the rest of the starches into usable glucose for your body.

The active ingredient in white kidney beans which gets extracted is called phaseolus vulgaris, which effectively prevents the pancreas from secreting amylase. If 1 tsp of the supplement is taken with a carb heavy meal, over half the calories coming from complex, starchy carbs will not get digested and instead will ferment in your intestines. The only side effect most people experience from this process is slight bloating.

You are probably going to ask, “When I’m on a diet and I decide to have a cheat meal can I take a serving of a carb blocker to lessen the damage?”

It all depends upon what the cheat meal includes, if your idea of a cheat meal is a lot of rice and potatoes then sure, carb blockers will definitely help. But if you have cheat meals which entail sugary snack food and greasy pizza then most likely carb blockers won’t help you that much.

For you see, carb blockers are exclusive to stopping the breakdown of complex carbs into simple carbs only, leaving any other type of macronutrient digested completely. Which includes sugar from those brownies, saturated fat from that pizza and any other unhealthy food you had which wasn’t a starch.

Who Should Use Carb Blockers?

Just like fat burners, carb blockers will only be effective for a certain type of individual. Overweight individuals with unhealthy diets can take a carb blocker, along with taking up an exercise routine and a healthier diet, and will see results. But it gets a little more complicated when a healthy individual who tracks their calorie intake and macronutrients take a carb blocker to try and lose additional weight.

In the midst of the low carb dieting trend, these are the individuals who will get the least out of carb blockers. If your carbs are below 150 grams a day, you do some form of cardio or weight training more than 4 times a week, then carb blockers will have almost no effect besides making you even more carb depleted and energy deprived. But if your carbs are somewhere closer to the 250-300 gram range and you’re trying to diet down without giving up tasty, precious carbs, then carb blockers might help you lose a little extra weight.

If you are consuming less overall calories than you’re burning, you will not lose weight no matter what supplements you take. To sum up the thoughts laid out in this section, individuals who will get the most out of carb blockers are people new to fitness and have a rather higher body fat percentage. While healthy, fit individuals who know how to maximise a carb blocker will only see maybe a slight advantage to not taking it in the first place.


In the end it all comes down to how your body processes carbs and other minor things such as an individual’s insulin sensitivity/metabolism.

It is recommended to eat in your 500 calorie deficit to lose weight as if you weren’t taking white kidney bean extract , and use it as insurance to keep you in that deficit in case you end up going out to a restaurant and underestimating the calories in a meal for example. 

18 December 2016 by eternal delight
Tags: carb blocker