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New Zealand Hemp - (The Multiple Uses)

New Zealand Hemp Has Had Multiple Organic Uses in Our History, Like as a Whole-Food, Rope, Canvas, Blankets, Clothing, Hats, Boots, Plastics and Beyond!

Hemp is One of the Most Beneficial and Environmentally-Friendly Plants of All Time! Its Cultivation Dates Back to the Start of Recorded History.

It's First Use Was As Food for Humans and Animals in Ancient Asia.

Known for its Super Strong Fibre and for Being Used for One of the Original Drafts, Of the Declaration of Independence.

Hemp then Became Indispensable and a Necessary  Item to Have at Home!

For Thousands of Years Hemp was Man’s Largest Agricultural Crop and Most Important Resource and Industry.

Producing Fibre, Paper, Clothing, Fuel and Food Used By Much of Humanity.

New Zealand Hemp is Beyond the Most Sustainable Natural Resource.

A Modern Approach to Hemp has Made it Possible to Recreate a Large Variety of Foods that can be Made from NZ Hemp Seeds.

Including Hemp Oil, Flour, Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream and Butter.

Consider Plant-Based Hemp in Your Diet.

Hemp Protein Delivers a Hefty 22g Per 60g Serving! For those Burnt Out on Soy Products, Hemp Protein can Provide a Tasty, Protein Alternative in a Very Convenient Form.

Ideal for Vegan Athletes and Growing Vegan Kids!

Do Protein Powders Upset Your Stomach?

The Combination of These Two Types of Protein in One Superfood Seed Make Hemp Protein the Closest Match for Our Human Protein Needs.

Compare this to Soy and Whey Protein Powders, Which May Cause Digestive Disturbances Leading to Bloating and Flatulence.

Are You Interested in Whole, Raw, Live Foods?

More and More People are Realising the Benefits of Eating Food that is “Live,” Raw, or Unheated. Hemp Protein is Manufactured Using a Patented Cold-Processing Technology. 

Internationally, Hemp Protein is Recognised as a Complete and Balanced Vegetarian and Vegan, Whole-Food Go-To Protein Source. 

 It is Recommended that it Be Blended Generously with Your Favourite Raw Organic Fruits as a Complete Meal that Will Leave You Feeling Totally Satisfied.

Eternal Delight Hemp Products and Hemp Containing Products: Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp X.  

14 January 2012 by eternal delight