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What is Chai? - Herbs & Spices

Chai is the word for Tea in many parts of the World, a mixture of Aromatic Indian Herbs & Spices which have played an Important role in many cultures.

Our Chai Spice is caffeine free, contains no black or green tea since we only use the herbs and spices - and sugar free, unless you choose our Chai Delight, which is sweetened with Stevia and Coconut Crystals. You can enjoy plenty of cups and have an easy & enjoyable way to get off the stimulant, fatigue treadmill & enjoy something that is actually good for you!
The spices used vary but the most common are:
Cinnamon is thought to increase circulation and open breathing, increase awareness and vitality, and reduce fatigue. It is also reputed to be an aphrodisiac!
A popular spice in both the Indian and Chinese preparations, cardamom is said to benefit the lungs, kidneys, and heart. It is also a mood elevator.
Native to the spice islands of Indonesia, cloves have been used by the Chinese since 300 BC, and came to Europe in the 4th and 5th Centuries AD. Cloves have pain-relieving and antiseptic attributes. Like pepper and ginger, clove is also used to synergistically increase the potency of other herbal blends.
Black Pepper
Widely used to support circulation and metabolism, black pepper can help to alleviate chronic coldness. (We can use more of that here, in the winter!) Attila the Hun demanded this spice as a ransom during the siege of Rome in 408 AD.
Nutmeg has been used for centuries to ease sciatica and promote the digestion of heavy foods. It was also used by ancient Arab physicians to treat kidney and lymph problems.
Star Anise
Traditional Asian herbalists credit star anise with a variety of properties. It’s used frequently as a cough remedy and to freshen the breath. 
Long valued as a stimulant for the circulatory and the immune systems, ginger has been used to treat such disparate conditions as impotence and motion sickness.
Indian chai produces a warming, soothing effect, acts as a natural digestive aid
and gives one a wonderful sense of well being. It’s difficult to resist a second cup.
In the past several years we’ve seen a phenomenal growth in the popularity and interesting chai. Chai has become very common at over-the-counter specialty beverage shops and there is a growing line of prepackaged consumer products. Many industry analysts are predicting that chai will eventually become as popular and common as coffee lattes and cappuccinos.
Great chai can often be found in Indian restaurants along with great food, but making your own chai provides immense satisfaction (and makes the house smell yummy!).
Recipes and tastes for chai vary widely and a multitude of chai recipes are used
around the world.

Eternal Delight has created its own very special mix of chai spice. We have been sharing the mix for years now – we had to, since we got told numerous times that our chai beverages are the best in town!

Check out our chai: Chai Spice (unsweetened) & Chai Delight (sweetened). You might also like our Chai Protein Powder Mayan Magic!
18 August 2016 by eternal delight