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Chai Spice Kombucha - (Recipe)

Here is One of our Old School Chai Spiced Kombucha Recipe, That we Used to Serve in Our Original and Organic Cafe/Restaurant on High St, Back in 2010!

The Free Kombucha Recipe that Comes with Our Wonderful Kombucha Starter Kit is Easy to Use and Makes for a Delightful Fermented Drink!

You will Find Many Different Recipes out there, But it is Best to Stick to Our Basic Trailed and Tested Wholesome Recipe.

Once You have Finished Fermenting Your Kombucha, You are Ready to Be Creative and Flavour It!

This Simple Method is Fantastic, Especially When You have Overly Fermented Kombucha with a Kinda Vinegar Like Taste and Want to Make it a Little Milder.

Ingredients Per 750ml Bottle.

1/2 Tsp Chai Spice - Caffeine Free.
1/3 Cup or 6 Tbsp Apple Juice.
Approx. 650ml Kombucha.


1. In a Cup Combine Chai Spice and Apple Juice.

2. Pour the Kombucha into the Bottle.

3. Now Add the Chai-Apple-Juice and Close the Bottle Tight.

4. Drink Right Away or Store in the Fridge.

More Kombucha Recipes to Follow!

11 July 2017 by eternal delight
Tags: recipe

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