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Eternal Delight Chocolate Cake - (Easy Recipe)

Our Eternal Delight Raw Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe is Also Paleo, Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free. A Easy, Fun and Yummy Treat to Make for All to Enjoy!

1 1/2 Cups of Almonds.
2/3 Cup of Raisins.
1/4 Cup of Shredded Coconut.

Process All Ingredients in a Food Processor.
Add 1-2 Teaspoons of Water if Needed to Keep the Mixture Held Together when Pressed in Your Hand.
Press Evenly into the Bottom of a Spring form Pan.

2 Cups of Brazil Nuts.
1 1/2 Tablespoons of Sweet Delight.
2 Cups of Water.
1/2 Cup of Cacao Powder.
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Powder.
1/8 Teaspoon of Salt.
1/2 Cup of Melted Coconut Oil.
3 Tablespoon of Muscle Pro Cappuccino Protein Powder.

Blend All But the Oil Until Smooth and Creamy in a High Speed Blender.
Add the Oil and Blend Again to Incorporate. The Mixture is Thick.
Pour Over the Crust.

Set in the Fridge for at Least 8 Hours.

You Can Decorate the Cake with Melted Chocolate and Dried Rose Petals. 

According to the Occasion Which is Valentine's Day in this Case!

02 February 2017 by eternal delight
Tags: recipe

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