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Green-Strawberry-Delight Smoothie

Our Green-Strawberry-Delight Smoothie was Created to Overcome the Craving for Strawberries! This Recipe is Asking for 250g of Strawberries Per Serving!

Ingredients✨1 Serving.✨
🍓 250g (2 Cups) of Strawberries, Fresh or Frozen.
💚 1 Tbsp of Green Delight - Instant Green Juice.
💦 1 Cup of Water.

1. You Can Either Blend All Ingredients, Which will Result into a Complete Green Smoothie or if You like to Achieve what the Image is Showing, Then Do This:
2. Place the Strawberries (Except a Couple, Which You will Need for Decoration) and 1/2 a Cup of Water in a Blender and Blend on High Speed Until Smooth.
3. Pour Half of the Strawberries Smoothie into a Large Cup or Jar.
4. To the Remaining Half in the Blender, Add the Other 1/2 Cup of Water and 1 Tbsp of Green Delight. Blend on High Speed Until Smooth. 
5. Now Take an Extra Cup and Pour in Half of the Strawberry Smoothie and Then Half of the Green Smoothie (Make Sure to Poor it on the Edge of the Cup). Then Again the Strawberry and the Green. Decorate with the Couple Strawberries (Sliced) and Enjoy!
29 June 2017 by eternal delight