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NZ Kiwifruit - (Virgin Margarita)

Margarita is One of the Most Popular Cocktails and For Good Reason! Enjoy the Fresh Tang of NZ Kiwifruit, Lime and the Sweetness of Virgin Kombucha Today.


1/2 Fresh Lemon or Lime Juice.
100ml Sunbucha. (Or Grab One of Our Kombucha Starter Kits and Make Your Own!)
1 Slice of Kiwifruit (Plus 1 Slice for Garnish, Optional).
NZ Sea Salt (For Rimming the Glasses, Optional).
Ice (Optional).
1/4 Tsp Sweet Delight (A Rich Coconut Sugar Stevia Blend that has far Less Calories, Optional).


First Place Your Glass in Freezer and Chill Your Glass. 

Then Add the Ingredients Except the Salt and Kiwi Slice to a Shaker. 

Place One Slice of Kiwifruit in the Bottom of Glass. (Chill Your Glass if Possible).

Combine Sunbucha, Lemon or Lime Juice, Sweet Delight and Ice.

Shake in a Shaker or Blend in a Blender. Pour into a Cocktail Glass or Strain into a Glass Filled with Ice, Then Decorate with Kiwifruit Slice.

Serve Right Away and Enjoy! 

02 December 2017 by eternal delight