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Panna Cotta Delight

Traditional Panna Cotta can be Difficult to Make. Enjoy Eternal Delight's Light & Fresh, Raw Vegan & Paleo Version. Simple, Easy & Foolproof to Create! 

Panna Cotta is normally quite difficult to make, but this raw vegan and paleo version is foolproof – no cooking involved. What a Delight! This dessert is very light and fresh, and our Sweet Delight gives it a slight flavour of caramel without the calories of sugar. A coulis made of perfectly ripe berries makes it a truly divine treat and a must-try!

Panna Cotta Delight

Green Delight Panna Cotta:
100g Cashews
50g Coconut Oil
1 tsp Sweet Delight or 4 Tbsp of any other sweetener
400ml water, lukewarm
3 tsp Green Delight
Berry Coulis:
100ml water
200g Berries or fruit of your choice
1 1/2 tsp  Sweet Delight or 4 Tbsp of any other sweetener
1 Tbsp Lemon juice
1 Tbsp Chia Protein Powder
1 tsp Bodacious


1. Soak all the Cashews in the lukewarm water for at least 2 hrs (or best overnight for about 12 hrs). 
2. Melt Coconut Oil, then place it with all other ingredients in a high speed blender: Cashews with the soaking water, Sweet Delight, Green Delight and blend until perfectly smooth. Pour the mixture into cups or glasses. To speed up the cooling and setting process place in freezer for about 30 hour. Now is the time to take out the Berries from the freezer if you are using frozen fruit for your Berry Coulis.
3. When the Green Delight Panna Cotta has set prepare the Berry Coulis: Blend all ingredients except Chia Protein Powder in a high speed blender until smooth. Add the Chia Protein and instantly pour into each cup/glass. Serve right away or store covered in fridge.
30 December 2016 by eternal delight