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Vegan Snicker Bar Ice Cream Recipe

Try Our Free, Easy & Most Delicious Protein Snickers Bar Recipe Today & Enjoy All the Yummy Flavours & Textures in One Functional Real-Food Vegan Treat!

Most Delicious Protein Snickers Bar Recipe!

Makes 12-15 Bars.



1/2 Cup Cashews with 1/2 Cup Water (Soaked for 2 Hours or Overnight).

1/2 Cup Oats.

1 1/2 Tablespoons Sweet Delight.

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract.

1 Pinch Salt.

Caramel Filling.

1 Cup Dates (Chopped) Soaked in 1 Cup of Warm Water for at least 30 Minutes. 

6 Tablespoons Your Favourite Peanut Butter.

4 Tablespoons Muscle Pro Cappuccino Protein Powder.

1 1/2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice.

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract.

1 Pinch Salt.

Plenty of Peanuts for Topping.

Chocolate Topping.

100g Dark Chocolate (Whittaker's).

50g Organic Coconut Oil.





For the Base: In a Food Processor Pulse All of the Ingredients Until Evenly Combined.

Then in a Smaller Dish Lined with Parchment Paper, Spread the Mixture Evenly and Press Firmly Until Lining the Bottom of the Dish.

For the Caramel Centre: In the Blender Blend All of the Ingredients until Nice and Smooth and then Spread Evenly on Top of the Base Mixture.

Then Sprinkle the Peanuts over the Caramel Filling and Press Lightly with the Edge of a Spatula, So that the Nuts Stay in Place.

Place into the Freezer for at Least 3 Hours or until the Snickers have Hardened.

After the Yummy Snickers have Frozen, Remove the Dish From the Freezer and Pull the Parchment Paper So that the Frozen Snickers Cleanly Releases from the Dish.

Then Cut into Desired Shapes and Sizes. 

For the Chocolate Topping: First Chop the Chocolate and then Place Chopped Chocolate into a Bowl.

Then Bring a Pot of Water to a Simmer, Once Simmering Turn Off and Set the Bowl Directly into the Water and Let the Chocolate Sit Until it has Melted.

Submerge Each Piece of Snickers into the Melted Chocolate and Place them Back onto the Parchment Paper.

Once Done Coating Every Piece, Put and Store in the Freezer.

Best Eaten Cold or as a Ice Cream Snickers. Enjoy!


Snicker Cake: If you want to make a Snickers Cake simply double the recipe and layer the Base and Filling in a Spring Form of your choice. Pour the melted Chocolate over the cake.

Vegan Snickers Cake Recipe - Eternal Delight


07 February 2018 by eternal delight