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Ultimate ED Porridge

Eternal Delight's Delicious & Easy 100% No Nasties, Ultimate Porridge Recipe is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free, Refined Sugar-Free, Nut Free & Soy Free. 

Our Ultimate ED Porridge is the Time-Crunched Person’s Breakfast Secret Weapon, Since it Takes Just a Few Minutes to Make Either at Night Before Bed or in the Morning.

Provided You Have had a Rice Dish with Your Last Meal, and Still Have Plenty Left Over.

Otherwise it Just Takes a bit Longer.

When You Mix Together Cooked Rice, Lush Protein Powder and Water, the Rice and the Chia Seeds in the Lush Protein Powder Absorb the Water and Everything Softens, Creating an Effortless Chilled or Hot Porridge.

Place in the Fridge at Night and Forget About It Until the Morning, When You’ll Wake up to a Cool, Creamy Breakfast Bowl, That’s Just Perfect in the Spring or Summer.

On a Fall's or Winter's Morning, We Suggest to Indulge Warm to Hot, Making for a Comforting Breakfast that You will want to Repeat

This is Our Go-To Breakfast Recipe!

Serving Size: 1 Bowl or Plate.

Cook Time for Rice if None Handy: 30-40 Minutes.

Prep Time: 7 Minutes.


Porridge Base:

1 Cup of Firmly Packed Cooked Rice (From Last Night's Dinner? :) Equals 1/3 Cup Brown Rice, Uncooked.

1 Teaspoon Sweet Delight or your Preferred Sweetener.

3/4 Cup Water, Cold, Warm or Hot.

Green Porridge:

1 Tablespoon Lush Protein Powder.


1/2 Tablespoon Cacao Powder.

1/2 Tablespoon Choco Chia.

1/2 Teaspoon Sweet Delight or Your Preferred Sweetener.

1/4 Cup Water, Cold, Warm or Hot.


Fresh or Frozen Berries.


1. Mix the Ingredients for the Porridge Base in a High Speed Blender Until Smooth (Can Take 30 Seconds). Place Half of it onto a Plate or in a Bowl, and Leave the Other Half in the Blender and Go Straight to Step 2.

2. Add Lush Protein Powder into the Blender that Contains the Porridge Base and make the Green Porridge. Blend or Stir with a Spatula until Green. Place on Top of the First Layer of Porridge (Base) On Your Plate or Bowl. Don't Worry About Cleaning the Blender and Go Straight to Step 3. ;)

3. Add All the Ingredients for the Chocolate-Chia Porridge into Blender and Blend for About 30 Seconds, Until Super Smooth. Pour Over Your Plate or into Your Bowl of Porridge.

4. Decorate with Fresh or Frozen Berries and Enjoy! Or Take to the Office or Work Place in a Glass Jar.

07 June 2017 by eternal delight