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Brain On Tea - (Organic)


Organic Brain On is a Full Bodied Loose Leaf Tea and Naturally Satisfying Afternoon Delight that is Rich in Flavour and Holistically Keeps One in Focus.


Organic Brain On is an Exciting Loose Leaf Fitness Tea Blend that is Full of Delicious Herbal Fuel, To Nurture and Nourish a Long Days Work of Peak Productivity and Success.

Organic Brain On is a Wonderfully Delicious Holistic Treat and is Literally Food for Thought. 

Perfect for a Student Cramming for Exams or if Your Burning the Midnight Oil at Work.

Organic Brain On Can Offer a Mom Trying to Keep a House, Husband and Family in Order, A Little Time Out and Some Real Holistic Nourishment to Power On and On.

A Botanical Blend that Has a Naturally Honey-Nectar-Like Flavour and Passionately Comforts One to Task and Beyond.


Our Delightfully Handcrafted Brain On, Is Made with Enriching and Exotic Loose Leaf Herbs, That Give You a Legit Liquid Nourishment and has a Smooth and Naturally Balancing Flavour.

An Organic Fitness Tonic which may Holistically Offer an Sense of Tranquillity and Wellness When One is Stressed and Over Loaded with Modern Day Tasks.

Eternal Delight's Delicious Loose Leaf Brain On Blend is Refreshing as an Organic Iced Tea and Great as an Holistic Pre and Post Workout Herbal Beverage to Maintain an Active Lifestyle and Keep One in Focus.


Organic* Ingredients - Ginkgo Leaf*, Elderflower*, Yerba Mate*, Rose-Hip*.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Tea Pot and Steep for 3-5 Minutes. 

ED-I - Try as a Cold Infused Iced Tea or as a Refreshing Sports Drink.


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