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Chai Delight - Latte Powder


The Delicious & Holistically Clarifying Raw Spices in Chai Delight Latte Powder have been Organically used for Thousands of Years to Boost Wellbeing.


Chai Delight Powder is an Intoxicating Superfood Latte and Holistic Tea Powder. Full of Raw Spices. The Perfect Coffee-Free Antidote to the Challenges of Modern Life. Chai Delight is a Functional Whole-Food and Makes for a Low Calorie Weight Management Tea with Only 17KJ per Serve. 

A Powerful and Most Yummy Blend of Herbs and Spices, Chai has been Cherished for Centuries in India for Overall Wellbeing. A Clean Drink which Contains No Black or Green Tea, Since we only use Raw Herbs and Spices. The Holistic Spices in Eternal Delight's Chai Delight are Known to be“Sattvic” Naturally Giving Vitality! According to Ayurvedic (Ancient Indian) Philosophy, the Spices in Chai are Considered to be also Calming and Vitalising.

A Delightful Alternative for People Looking for a Rich Tasting Superfood Latte. Clean Spicy and Pungent, Our Herbal Tea Powder is Believed to Holistically Awaken the Senses, for Best Restorative Relaxation.

A Delicious Whole-Food Latte Blend.


Wildcrafted" Organic* Ingredients - Cinnamon*, Cardamon Pod, Clove, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Ginger Root, Maca Root", Coconut Crystals* Stevia Leaf Extract.


Dosage - 1/2-1 Teaspoon - Great Mixed in Hot to Cold Water. Best used in Blender for Latte Styles. Add to Smoothie, Dessert Tea etc. Perfect for Office, School, Home or Gym. No Infusion or Filtration Needed.


Chai Latte Recipe.

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Servings Per Bag and Cost Per Serving.

28g Bag = 28 Servings = $0.18 Per Serve.

85g Bag = 85 Servings = $0.12 Per Serve.

250g Bag = 250 Servings = TODAY ONLY $0.09 Per Serve.