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Organic Deep Green Powder - (67% Protein)


Organic Deep Green Powder Contains 67% Protein, with Blue Green and Red Brown Ocean Algae's! Enjoy Nature’s Best Nourishing Rich and Raw Real-Foods Today!


An Excellent Source of Protein at 18.1g Per Serving, (3 Tablespoons)!

Ideal for Athletes and Anyone Wanting to Build Clean Muscle, Boost Wellbeing and have Great Endurance During a Cleanse.

Try Our Ocean Rich Paleo and Raw Vegan, Sea Vegetable Superfood Source of Wellness Today.

A Holistic and Functional Whole-Food Protein Powder, Containing 100% Natural and Organic Properties that May Assist the Whole Body to Naturally Cleanse and Nourish During a Reboot.

Deep Green Contains Over 67% Complete Plant Based Protein in Combination with Blue Green and Red Brown Algae's to Holistically Nourish the Body.

Eat Right with Deep Green and Replenish Fuel Stores to Reduce Muscle Breakdown After an Intense Workout.


Deep Green 67% Plant-Based Protein Wellness Blend, Fast Absorbing, Functional Whole-Food Fuel.

Perfect for Any One Performing Aerobic Exercise and Strength Training Exercises to Build Lean Muscle Naturally.

Support Your Athletic Performance with our Trusted Holistic (Real-Food) Sports Nutrition and Organic Supplements as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.

Deep Green 67% Protein Powder is Easy to Use, Just Simply Add Water and Shake for a Real Blast of Sea Vegetable Delight! A Clean and Nourishing Blend of Quality Super-Greens!

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Wildcrafted", New Zealand^, Organic*, Ingredients - Chia^*, Golden Pea Protein, Linseed^, Spirulina*, Chlorella*, Kelp"^, Irish Moss*, Stevia Leaf Extract*, Coconut Crystals*.

Serving Size - 3 Tbsp (24g) Per Serve.

Preparation - Mix 1-3 Tbsp with Water, Juice or Smoothie. For Best Results, Mix in a Blender or Shaker Bottle.

ED-I - It is Recommended to Consume 1-1.5 Grams of Protein Per Pound of Body Weight if You're Training Hard to Build Muscle.

Precaution - Don't use on a Daily Basis for More than 2 Weeks at a Time, Taking a 2 Week Break Before Using Again.

This will Prevent you from Overdosing Iodine with Potential Imbalance in Thyroid Function. For Periodic Use Only and Not to be Taken for Extended Periods of Time. Not to Be Used while Pregnant.

Consume Anytime, Especially when Additional Protein is Needed or within 20 Minutes Before or After Your Workout. To Maximise Workout Gains, Add one 1 Tsp of Natural to Your Shake.


Servings Per Bag and Cost Per Serving of 8g (1 Tablespoon).

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Get 100g Hemp X Protein Powder for FREE when you order 2 x 450g.

24g Bag = 3 Serves = $1.66 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $1.48 Per Serve.
70g Bag = 8.75 Serves = $1.03 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.91 Per Serve.
200g Bag = 25 Serves = $0.95 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.85 Per Serve.
450g Bag = 56.25 Serves = $0.80 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.71 Per Serve.
2 x 450g Bag = 112.5 Serves = $0.78 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.69 Per Serve.


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