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Please Click on the Black Panel (ED Rewards Program), At the Bottom Left to Create a Free Account for Your Appreciated Loyalty. 

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Eternal Delight Distributes Over 200 Products Internationally, Over Retail, Bulk and Wholesale Channels. 

Serving the Public with an Innovative Concept of Holistic and Craft Batched, Real-Food Wellness Goodies.

We specialise in New Zealand Herbs and Spices, Whole-Foods, Organic Herbal Loose leaf Teas and Gourmet Superfoods that are Never Genetically Modified or Contaminated with Synthetic Chemicals!

We Promote Wellbeing and Do Our Best to Preserve the Earth.

ED Reward Points expire six months after they are earned if your account is inactive. The expiration date resets each time you place an order and the new expiration date applies to your entire points balance.

You will receive an email reminder around 7 days before your ED Reward Points expire, followed by another email a couple days before your ED Reward Points expire.

You can always check the status of your ED Reward Points activity from the ED Rewards Program panel on our website (bottom left).

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The page shows all spending activity. Click again on the ED Rewards Program panel to check the status of your points.

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You can see the number of your Eternal Delight Rewards Points and if you are eligible for spending your ED Reward Points. In this example the client has earned 200 ED Reward Points and still needs 800 more points to get a $10 coupon. (1000 points = $10). Please note that you can only use one coupon per order. So if you have used your coupon the system cannot apply any further discounts (any type of discount codes).

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