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Pu-erh Tea - Authentic


Authentic Pu-erh is Smooth, Strong & Earthy with a Long Lasting Finish. A Truely Great Tasting Tea that is Holistically Used for Nourishing Stamina.


Authentic Pu-erh Tea Tastes Great! It’s Strong and Black with a Robust Finish.

Our Authentic Beeng Cha, Pu-erh Tea is Perfect for those New to Pu-erh or Anyone Who Wants to Drink Good Quality Pu-erh Every Day.

Authentic Pu-er Tea is a Wellness Beverage, Which has a Long History in Chinese Tea.

Traditionally Aged Underground and Like a Fine Wine, The Older it is the More Prized its Taste.

Pu-erh or Pu'er is a Variety of Fermented Tea Produced in Yunnan Province, China and Named After Pu'er City.


For more than 1,700 Years, the Chinese have Been Drinking Pu-erh, Especially After a Heavy Meal.

Authentic Pu-erh Tea’s Processing Includes Fermentation and then Prolonged Storage “Aging".

Authentic Pu-erh Tea can be Kept for a Very Long Time, The Longer You Keep it the Better it Tastes and the Higher its Quality Becomes.

Fermentation in the Context of Tea Production Involves Microbial Fermentation and Oxidation of the Tea Leaves, After they have been Dried and Rolled.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparations - Add Lightly Boiled Water to Your Tea and Steep for 3-5 Minutes.

Best Brewed with Very Hot (95-100`C) Water, Steep for 3-5 Minutes. For a Stronger Tea Steep for a Few Minutes Longer.

This Particular Tea is Part of the New School of Pu’erh Production. Called a “Cooked” (Shou) Pu-erh, it’s Heated and Fully Dried to Simulate Ageing. 

Precautions - Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding - If You are Pregnant or Breast-Feeding, Pu-erh Tea in Small Amounts is Probably Not Harmful. However, Do Not Drink More than Two Cups of Pu-erh Tea in a Day. Too Much Caffeine Might Cause Miscarriage, Premature Delivery, Low Birth Weight and Harm to the Baby.