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Barley Grass Powder - New Zealand


Canterbury New Zealand Grown, Raw Barley Grass Powder is a Rich Super-Green & Alkaline Whole-Food that has a Natural Wellness Effect to Nourish Vitality.


New Zealand Barley Grass is a Lush, Protein Rich at 28.4%, Alkaline and Delicious Rich Whole-Food that Makes for an Easy Addition to Your Lifestyle. Raw New Zealand Barley Grass is Carefully Dried at Optimum Temperatures to Preserve Life Force and Other Heat-Sensitive Elements.

Eternal Delight's New Zealand Raw Barley Grass is Grown in the Nutrient Rich Soil of Canterbury New Zealand Under Organic Conditions, But is not Organically Certified.

Dehydrated Delicately using Custom Equipment Removing all the Moisture and Mill to a Superfine Powder that Delivers a Stunning, Pure Green and Instant Vitality Juice. Our Pure, Real-Food Barley Grass Powder is High in Concentrated Plant-Based Nutrients, Plus has a Long Happy Shelf Life and is Perfect for the Pantry!


In Today's World Eating Right is Becoming More and More Easy Thanks to Eternal Delight's Vast Selection of New Zealand Super-Greens! In Recent Years Barley Grass Juice has Become Popular Among Many other Green Leafy Vegetables for an Instant Wellness Green Hit.

Our Barley Grass is Raw and Comes in a Convenient Powdered Form. Sports People and Others know that Super-Greens are where it's At! Barley Grass is a Delicious Green Superfood, Naturally Alkaline and Popular with Vegans, Vegetarians and the Fitness Conscious.


100% Pure New Zealand, Raw Barley Grass Powder.


Serving Size - Mix 1 Tablespoon (10g) or More into Warm or Cold Water, Juice, Smoothie, Salad Dressing or Sprinkle in or Over Mashed Pureed Vegetables, Oatmeal etc.

Try with a Squeeze of Lemon Juice or Sweet Delight if Required.

Precaution - This Product May Produce Cleansing Reactions in Some People. If you are Pregnant or Nursing, Consult Your Healthcare Practitioner before Introducing any New Supplements.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.