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Black Cardamon - Whole Raw Pod


Black Cardamon is an Exotic Herbal Spice Known to have Great Holistic Effects on Wellbeing. A Whole Pod Sought-After for Sweet & Dessert Preparations.


Black Cardamom Pods Contain Many Essential Oils and are a Good Source of Minerals like Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

Additionally, it is also an Excellent Source of Iron and Manganese.

100g of Pods Contain 13.97mg of Iron.

These Aromatic Pods are Rich in Many Vital Vitamins, Including Riboflavin, Niacin and Vitamin-C. A Nourishing Whole-Food with a Camphor like Intense Flavour Commonly used in Spicy Stews.


100% Pure Raw Black Cardamon Pod.


Culinary uses In General, Black Cardamom Seeds are Sought-After for Sweet and Dessert Preparations. The Pod is Split Open to Expose Underlying Seeds using Either Fingers or Small Knife.

The Seeds are then Crushed using a Hand Mill just before their use in Cooking. However, Whole Pods are Preferred in Savoury Dishes, which Give a Further Punch to the Recipe Since their Peel Contains Certain Amounts of Valuable Essential Oils.

This Delicate Spice is Being used as Flavouring Agent in Both Food and Drinks. The Pods have been in Use in the Preparation of Sweet Dishes in many Asian Countries.

Pista (Cardamom and Pistachio) Kulfi is a Famous Summer Dessert in India, Pakistan, and Iran. Kheer is Another Popular Rice Pudding with Added Pistachio in these Regions. Also Used as a Flavouring Base in the Preparation of Tea, Coffee and Cold Drinks.


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