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Black Cohosh Root - Organic Tea


Black Cohosh Root is an Herbal Tea that is Holistically Used As An Organic Nutritional Tonic Supplement for Middle Aged Women to Boost Best Wellbeing.


Today, Organic Black Cohosh Herbal Loose Tea is used Primarily as a Natural Nutritional Supplement for Symptoms that Can Occur for Middle Aged Women to Help Increase Vitality and Wellbeing.

An North American Herb that Belongs to the Buttercup Family.


100% Pure Organic Raw Cohosh Root.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp Per Cup. Drink One Cup 3 Times Daily.

Tea Preparation - Bring Tea to a Boil and then Simmer, For 3-5 Minutes.

Tonic Preparation - Rich Brew - Put 20g Organic Black Cohosh Herbal Tea Dried Root in 1 litre of Water.

Bring to a Boil and then Simmer 20-30 Minutes until the Liquid is Reduced by a Third. Strain, Cover, and Store in the Refrigerator or a Cool, Dry Place. The Liquid Keeps for up to 48 Hours.

Precautions - The Safety of Organic Black Cohosh Herbal Tea in Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women or Children hasn't been Established. Black Cohosh is Sometimes used by Nurse-Midwives to Induce Labor, but it Should Never be used by a Pregnant Woman without Supervision by a Qualified Healthcare Provider because it Could Stimulate Uterine Contractions and Result in Miscarriage.

People with Hormone-Sensitive Conditions, such as Cancer of the Breast, Prostate, Ovaries or Uterus, Endometriosis should Avoid Black Cohosh until more is known about how it works and whether it has a Hormonal Effect.


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