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Burdock Root Tea - Organic


Organic Burdock is an Herbal Loose Tea with Great Holistic Wellness Promoting Properties. Enjoy This Established Root to Boost Vitality & Wellbeing.


Organic Burdock Root Herbal Tea is Grown Mainly in Asia and has been used Holistically for Centuries to Promote Vitality and Wellness.

Burdock Root Organic Tea is often Blended with Dandelion Root to make a More Effective, Holistic Herbal Tea.

Organic Burdock Root Tea has a Long Holistic History of use in Folk and in Traditional Chinese (TCM) As a Herbal All-Rounder.


100% Pure Raw Organic Burdock Root.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation - Bring Tea to a Boil and then Step, For 10-15 Minutes.

Decoction - Rich Brew - Add Organic Burdock with Water to a Pot and Bring to Boil, then Simmer for Another 5-10 Minutes.

Precaution - Burdock Root Tea does have Some Side Effects. It is a Very Strong Detoxifier and can at First Aggravate some Skin Conditions Before Beginning to Heal Them. To Avoid Any Adverse Effects. It is Better to Begin taking Small Amounts and then Gradually Increase the Dosage.

Those taking Medication for Regulating Blood Sugar or for Diabetes should Consult a Medical Professional before using Organic Burdock Root, as it May Interfere with Some Prescription Drugs.


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