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Butterbur Root Tea - Organic


Organic Butterbur Root Tea has Been Used Traditionally Since the Middle Ages in America During Colonial Times, As An Herbal & Holistic Wellness Tonic.


Organic Butterbur Root Loose Leaf Tea has been Used Holistically Since the Middle Ages in North America During Colonial Times as an Herbal Tonic.

Organic Butterbur Tea can be Served Hot or Iced, As is or Amended with Natural Sweetener.

The Famous Seventeenth Century English Herb Cataloguer Nicholas Culpeper Recommended a Decoction of the Butterbur Root in Wine. He Called Butterbur Root a Cheerer of the Vital Spirits!


100% Organic Raw Butterbur Root.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Preparation - Herbal Tea/Decoction - Bring Organic Butterbur Tea to a Boil and then Simmer, For 3-5 Minutes. Then Simply Strain into a Cup.

Cold Infusion - For One Cup of Butterbur Tea, Soak 1 Tsp of the Root in 250ml of Cold Water for 12 Hours. Soaking the Root Insures Full Extraction of the Organic Compounds that Give this Tea its Benefits.

Precaution - Butterbur Tea is a Medicinal Tea. A Physician should be Consulted before Consumption to Check for Any Drug Interactions or Contraindications.

Those who Have Allergies to Ragweed and Certain Pollens May also Develop an Allergy to Butterbur. Do Not Use Over Long Periods of Time.

Butterbur Contains Alkaloids, which are Linked to Liver Damage. Consuming Large Quantities of this Tea Can Damage the Liver.

Butterbur Tea Should Not be Consumed by Pregnant or Nursing Women. Not Recommended for Children, Pregnant or Nursing Women or People with Kidney and Liver Disease. The Herb Contains an Alkaloid that May Be Toxic to the Liver in High Doses.


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