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Cacao Butter - Raw Peruvian


Raw Peruvian Cocoa Butter has a Flowery Flavour & Aroma. The Holistic Wellness Benefits are Unlocked when Eaten in its Pure, Natural & Unheated State.


Eternal Delight's Raw Heirloom, Peruvian Cacao Butter is One of the Most Uniquely Beautiful Premier Superfoods on Earth.

Our Mayan Superfood is Sourced Directly from South American Plantations Where Skilled Peruvians have Naturally Cultivated Unprocessed, Raw Cacao.

Yes, Our Cacao Butter is Fairly Traded Chocolate, In its Purest Form, With No Sugar, Dairy or Additives, Keeping its Vital Greatness in Tact!

The Secrets to the “Food of the Gods” and Chocolate’s Incredible Benefits are Unlocked when Eaten, In its Pure, Raw Unheated State.

All the Natural Properties and Holistic Qualities of Chocolate are Found in Eternal Delight's Peruvian, Heirloom and Wildcrafted Raw Cacao Butter.


It Takes Approximately 1000g of Raw Cacao Beans to Create 450g of Raw Cacao Butter. Raw Cacao Butter is Literally the Pure Oil of the Cacao Bean, which Comes Directly from the Cacao Tree, and is What White Chocolate is Made of.

Cocoa Butter, Also Called Theobroma Oil, a Pale-Yellow Edible Vegetable Fat Extracted from the Cocoa Bean. It is used to Make Chocolate, As well as some Ointments, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals.

Because it has Not Been Damaged by Heat, our Cacao Butter Melts Easily and Blends Nicely into any Type of Recipe. Cacao Butter Possesses an Extraordinary Rich, Delicate Flowery Aroma.


100% Pure Heirloom Wildcrafted Raw Cacao Butter.

Eternal Delight’s Raw Cacao Products Come from Hand-Selected Cacao Beans, From the Jungle of Peru.

No Chemicals or Solvents, Such as Hexane are Used at Any Point of Processes.


Preparation - Add a Piece of this Wholesome Butter to your Favourite Smoothie, Dessert, Ice Cream or Chocolate Creation.

ED-I - A Tip from Eternal Delight - Simply Place the Cacao Butter in a Dehydrator and Wait for it to Melt. If you Do not Have a Dehydrator, Simply Place some of the Cacao Butter in a Cup and then in a Bowl with Very Hot Water and it will Slowly Melt.

We Recommend using on your Skin after a Shower or Bath. Cacao Butter may be used as a Skin Moisturiser. It May be used as (or in Conjunction with) a Massage Oil. Also works well with Coconut Oil.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.