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Cacao Powder - Raw Heirloom Peruvian


Heirloom Cacao Powder is Great for Endurance! Enjoy the Organic Feel Good & Delicious Peruvian Flavour, Fine Aroma & Delightful Chocolate Flavour.


Our Deliciously Yummy! Wildcrafted, Raw and Heirloom Peruvian Cacao Powder has a Delightful Rich Chocolate Flavour. The Secrets to the “Food of the Gods” and Chocolate’s Incredible Holistic Wellness Benefits are Unlocked when it is Eaten in its Pure, Raw Unheated State.

Our Raw Cacao Powder is Considered to have the Finest Aroma and Flavour. Cacao was so Revered by the Mayans and Aztecs that they used Cacao as Money! Cacao in its Pure, Raw Form, is One of Nature’s Most Fantastic Superfoods.


Our Raw Cacao Nibs are Considered to have the Finest Aroma and Flavour. Eternal Delight's Raw Heirloom, Peruvian Cacao is One of the Most Uniquely Beautiful Premier Superfoods on Earth. Our Mayan Superfood is Sourced Directly from South American Plantations where Skilled Peruvian's have Naturally Cultivated, Unprocessed, Raw Cacao. Yes, it's Chocolate, in its Purest Form with No Sugar, Dairy or Additives, Keeping its Nutritional and Antioxidant Greatness in Tact!

All Chocolate comes from Cacao, or Cocoa as it is More Commonly Known. Cacao is the Seed (Nut) of a Fruit in an Amazonian Tree, Brought to Central America During or Before the Time of the Olmecs. Peruvian Heirloom Cacao is Raw, 80% Fermented and Full of Flavour.

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Cacao Pods are Hand Picked, then the Seeds are Sun Dried to 80% Fermentation. Fermentation is Highly Beneficial to Any Food. Cacao Beans are then Hand Peeled and Stone Ground by Native Artisans to Preserve its Natural Density and History. Just One Spoon Can Transform Any Recipe into a Chocolate Treat. Heirloom Raw Cacao is Naturally Beneficial for Libido, Endurance and Longevity Goals.

Making Raw Cacao Powder is a Traditional Cold-Pressing Process in which the Cacao Beans Yield to a Decadent Powder. The Oil is Separated from the Fibre to make Natural Cacao Butter. The Remaining Dry 'Cake-like' Material, then Cold-Ground, Fine-Milled and Sifted so that Only the Finest, Raw Cacao Particles Filter through into the Finished Product.


100% Pure Heirloom Wildcrafted Raw Cacao Powder.


Dosage - Add 1-2 Tablespoons or more to a Glass of Water or Easily Brew A Hot or Cold Chocolate Nut Milk. Tastes Great when Added to Smoothies, Cereals, Protein Shakes, Coffee and Desserts.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.