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Cardamon Powder - Premium


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Exotic & Premium Cardamom Powder has a Wonderful Aroma & an Enticing Warm, Spicy-Sweet Slightly Lemon-Like Flavour with Hints of Eucalyptus & Camphor.


Exotic and Premium Cardamon is Deliciously Soothing and Unique, Especially when Added to a Warm Nut Milk.

In the Middle East, Green Cardamom Powder was used as a Spice for Sweet Dishes, as well as Traditional Flavouring in Coffee and Tea.

In some Middle Eastern Countries, Coffee and Cardamom are often Ground in a Wooden Mortar and Cooked Together in a Skillet Over Wood or Gas.

The Elongated Green Pods Ripen from September to December and are Hand Picked to Avoid Damaging Both Pods and Plants. This Labour-Intensive Harvesting Accounts for the Fact that Cardamom is one of the Most Expensive Spices.


Cardamom has been Used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine for more than 2,000 Years and is used to a Wide Extent, in Savoury Dishes. Cardamom was used in Perfumes by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

A Common Ingredient for Baking in the Nordic Countries, in Particular in Sweden and Finland. Used in Traditional Treats such as the Scandinavian Christmas Bread Julekake and Finnish Sweet Bread Pulla.

Botanical Name Elletaria Cardamom and Family Name is Zingiberacea. Cardamom has a Strong Unique Taste, with an Intensely Aromatic Resinous Fragrance. 


100% Raw Cardamon.


Dosage - 1-2 Teaspoons.

Preparation - Add 1-2 Teaspoons to Glass of Water, or Easily Brew A Hot or Cold Cardamon Milk. 

Tastes Great when Added to Smoothies, Cereals, Protein Shakes, Coffee and Desserts.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.