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Carob Powder – (Premium)

$ 6.99 NZD

Nourish Your Best Wellness Today, With our Naturally Caffeine Free and Delicious, Premium Carob Powder. A Chocolate Lover's Recipe Alternative to Cacao.


Premium and Yummy Carob Powder is Great for Replacing Cacao in Recipes.

Carob is a Legume that Comes from the Carob Tree an Evergreen Tree Native to the Mediterranean.

Premium Carob is Naturally Sweet and Requires Much Less Sweetener when Used in Recipes.

The Carob Tree is Drought Tolerant, Does well in Direct Sun and Can Handle Temperatures Down to 18 Degrees F.


It has a Broad, Spreading form that Makes it an Ideal Shade Tree and Can Grow to a Height of 50 Feet.

The Leaves are Dark Green, Glossy and Leathery.

The Tree Bears Fruit (Carob Pods) After Six to Eight Years of Growth, They Can Easily Bear 100 Pounds of Pods Per Year by its Twelfth Year, Increasing to An Average of 200 to 250 Pounds Annually as the Tree Grows Older.

Continues to Bear Fruit for 100 Years. The Pods are Reddish-Brown and can be up to a Foot Long.


Ingredient - 100% Carob.


Serving Size - 2 Tbsp (28g) Per Serve.

Preparation - You Can Mix Carob Powder with Water, Your Favourite Fruit Smoothie or Protein Shake, Baking etc.

Carob is Frequently used as a Chocolate Substitute in Baking and in Sweets.

Carob can be Used to Make Such Items as Cakes, Cookies, Pudding, Icing, Bread, Beverages, Shakes, Ice Cream, Muffins, Fudge, and Brownies.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.