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Catnip Leaf Tea - (Organic)

$ 8.99 NZD

Catnip Loose Leaf Tea has Many Herbal Wellness Benefits. A Powerful Holistic Cleanser that Has a Dramatic Organic Effect on Cats, Known as Feline Euphoria.


Our Organic Catnip Herbal Loose Leaf Tea is a Very Potent and Holistic Way to Help You to Rest and Relax.

Catnip Leaf Tea is well known for its Dramatic Effect on Cats, which can be Described as "Feline Euphoria".

Approximately Two Thirds of Cats are Susceptible to Catnip, as the Phenomenon is Hereditary.

Catnip Can Be Used as a Flavouring for Various Foods, You can Sprinkle Dried Leaves into Soups.

You can Add other Herbs to Your Catnip Herbal Tea, Such As Other Mint Varieties or Lemon Grass. You Can Also Add Lemon Juice.


Catnip Pleasantly Stimulates Cats Pheromonic Receptor and when Cats Sense the Bruised Leaves or Stems of Catnip, They may Roll over it, Paw at it, Chew it, Lick it, Leap about and Purr.

Often Salivating Copiously, Some Cats will also Growl and Meow.

This Reaction only Lasts for a Few Minutes Before the Cat Loses Interest.

It Takes up to Two Hours for the Cat to "Reset" After which it can come Back to the Organic Catnip and have the Same Response as Before.

Young Kittens and Older Cats are Less Likely to have a Reaction to Catnip.

Lions and Tigers are also Sensitive to the Effects of Catnip.


100% Organic Raw Cat Nip Herb.


Serving Size - 1 Teaspoon (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - After Steeping Catnip on Average for Ten Minutes, Strain and Discard the Plant Material, then Drink.

Catnip Tea can be taken Three Times a Day and has many Wellness Benefits.

An Alternate Way to Drink Catnip Tea if Hot Liquids are not Appealing to You, Try making Your Tea Double Strength then Putting it over Ice.

Or Try Placing the Cool Tea in an Ice Cube Tray and Freezing as a Popsicle. Organic Catnip Tea is Safe for Children and Babies and Frozen is a Great way to Feed it to Them.


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