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Cats Claw Bark Tea - (Wildcrafted)


Wildcrafted Cats Claw Bark is a Wellness Boosting Herbal Tea From the Peruvian Rainforest that Tastes Great, Naturally Nourishes and Holistically Cleanses.


Wildcrafted Cats Claw Bark Tea is a Delightfully Beautiful Peruvian, Rainforest Wellbeing Booster to Naturally Nourish and Cleanse the Body.

Herbal Cats Claw Organically Brews into a Deliciously Glowing Orange Colour and Taste Yummy!

The Ashanica Indians' Folklore States that You Should Drink One Cup of a Cats Claw Wellness Decoction a Week to Holistically Cleanse.

Cat's Claw is a Tropical Rainforest Vine Clinging to 100-Foot (and Taller) Trees by using its Namesake "Claws".

Wildcrafted Cats Claw Bark Naturally Nourishes Vitality and Best Wellbeing.

Since the 1980's Cat's Claw's Most Common Use, Is as a Wellbeing Stimulant.

The Master Rain Forest Herbalist Leslie Taylor has used Raw Cat's Claw Bark with Remarkable Success.


Wildcrafted Cat's Claw Bark is a Holistic Herbal Tea that has a Natural Ability to Nourish and Aid Wellbeing.

This Yummy and Uncommon Herbal Tea is Sure to Become more Popular in the Years to Come as it Tastes Great and is Super Beneficial!

Cat's Claw Refers to at Least 20 Plants with Sharp Curved Thorns, Both Native to the South and Central American Tropical Rain Forests.

Eternal Delight's Ethically Harvested Cat's Claw Bark is a Major Source of Income for Many Peruvian Villages.


Ingredient - 100% Wildcrafted Cats Claw Bark.


Serving Size - 1/2 Tablespoon (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Cats Claw Bark to Your Tea Pot and Steep for 5-10 Minutes.

Decoction - For a Stronger Brew, Add Cats Claw Bark to a Pot and Bring to a Boil, Then Simmer for 2-5 Minutes.

The Tannins in the Herb are Released only when taken in an Acidic Medium.

Add a Little Lemon Juice to a Quarter-Cup of Water in which you then Add the Prepared Cats Claw Tea.

Precaution - Women should Avoid use of this Herb when Trying to Get Pregnant.


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