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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - (Organic)

$ 9.99 NZD

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is a Raw Spice with Impressive Organic Effects on Wellbeing and Is Most Yummy with Overnight Oats and is Great for Holistic Skin Care.


Our Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Aka True Cinnamon is Delicate and Sweet, Plus has a Plethora of Impressive Benefits when Used on a Regular Basis.

The Organic Wellness Benefits of Raw and True Cinnamon Have Been Known for Centuries.

Ceylon Cinnamon is a Powerful Raw Beauty Ingredient with Plenty of Organic Benefits for Your Skin.

Try Using Ceylon Cinnamon with Organic Hemp Oil as an Holistic Raw Beauty Face Mask to Cleanse and Nourish Skin Wellness Naturally.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is Delicious with Overnight Oats. You Should Also Try a Teaspoon or Two of Raw Ceylon Cinnamon Powder to a Cup of Warm Nut Milk, Hot Chocolate or Cappuccino.


Organic and Raw Ceylon Cinnamon is still One the Most Favourite Spices of All Time and the Holistic Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon, Go Far Beyond its Soothing and Exotic Taste.

There are Many Ways to Get the Organic Ceylon Cinnamon that You Need into Your Diet to Receive All the Nourishing Wellness Benefits.

The Most Common Method is Putting Ceylon into a Dessert Dish or on Top of Your Morning Oatmeal or Cereal, Maybe Make Cinnamon French Toast or Cinnamon Rolls or Simply Enjoy as a Tea.

Cinnamon Comes from the Bark of Evergreen Trees of the Genus Cinnamomum, When Cinnamon is Harvested the Bark is Stripped and Sun Dried.


Organic* Ingredient - Ceylon Cinnamon Powder.


Serving Size - 3/4 Tsp Per Serve.

Preparation - Add to Your Overnight Oats, Coffee, Favourite Desserts etc.

Herbal Tea Infusion - Add Lightly Boiled Water and to Your Ceylon and Allow to Steep for 3 Minutes and then Strain with a Coffee Filter and Drink.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Goes Great in Smoothies or Simply Add to Water, Stir Well and Drink Regularly.

You Can Combine Organic Ceylon with Other Natural Foods like Ginger, Lemon Juice and Fruit.

Ceylon Cinnamon is Delicious when Mixed with Savoury or Sweets and Taste Great in Traditional Holiday Desserts.

ED-I- Try a Holistic Face Mask to Clean and Nourish the Skin.

Face Mask Paste - Mix 1 Tbsp of Cinnamon with 1 Tbsp of Hemp Seed Oil and 1 Tbsp of Wild Honey. Apply a Thin Layer to the Face as a Mask.

(Waring Mask May Naturally Burn).


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