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Chia Protein Powder - (NZ Grown Organically)

$ 7.99 NZD

Organically Grown New Zealand Raw Chia Flour is a Gluten Free Powder that Contains 6.2g of Protein Per Serve and is an Excellent Source of Dietary Fibre.


New Zealand Chia 31% Protein Powder Contains 6.2g of Protein Per Serving.

Organically Grown NZ Chia is an Excellent Source of Dietary Fibres with 7.2g Per Serving and Can be Deliciously Combined with a Variety of Foods.

Chia's Gluten Free Biological Properties are not Diminished in the Cooking Process and has the Ability to Turn Everyday Food into a Nutritional Power House.

Grown in New Zealand Organically, Free of Pesticides and Chemicals.

Just 2 Tablespoons of Raw Chia Protein Powder will Provide about 7.2g of Fibre.

The Plant-Based Fibre Naturally Helps You Feel Full after Eating and Keeps You Feeling Fuller for a Longer Period.


Gluten-Free Ground Chia is Packed with Everything You Need to Fuel Your Fast Paced Lifestyle, Making it the Perfect Addition to a Variety of Meals.

With its Versatility and Mild Flavour, Chia Seed Protein is a Beneficial Addition to Any Diet.

Please Note that our Chia Protein Powder is from Organic Chia Seed, but the Milling Processing is not Certified Organic.

Add New Zealand Chia Powder to Sauces as a Thickener and to Muffins and Cakes as an Egg Replacement.

Chia can be used in a Variety of Raw Food Dishes to Create Smoothies, Sauces, Soups, Marinades, Dips and More!


New Zealand Organically Grown Raw Chia Seed Powder.


Serving Size - 2 Tablespoon (20g) Per Serve.

New Zealand Chia, Organically Has a Versatile Use in Recipes for Both Savoury and Sweet.

Include Chia Flour in Yoghurt, Oatmeal or in Smoothies and Shakes. Try in Pasta Sauce, Burgers, Cookies, Etc.

Chia Turns Everyday Food into a Nutritional Power House.

Your Smoothie may Contain any of Eternal Delights Powders, Frozen Berries, Juice, Hemp Seed Oil or any Other Ingredient that Enhances the Finished Product, (eg. Green Delight).


100g Bag = 10 Serves = $0.79 Per Serve.
500g Bag = 50 Serves = $0.47 Per Serve.
1100g Bag = 110 Serves = $0.40 Per Serve.


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