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Chlorella Powder - Organic


Organic Chlorella Powder is an Incredible Multi-Faceted Superfood that Contains Over 59% Protein & Boasts an Abundance of Holistic Wellness Benefits.


Raw Chlorella is an Organic Algae, A Tiny Microscopic Single-Celled Plant that Grows in Fresh Water and is Deep Emerald-Green in Colour. Organic Chlorella is a Potent way to Boost Vitality and Your Best Organic Wellbeing!

Organic Chlorella is an Incredible, Multi-Faceted Green Superfood that Contains Over 59% Protein, and Boasts an Abundance of Nutrients such as Chlorophyll, but Organic Chlorella Most Important Attribute is its Ability to Cleanse the Body Holistically.


Organic Chlorella is a Whole-Food Cleanser to Naturally Nourish Your Best Wellness, and is Easy to Add into Your Diet. The Holistic Benefits are Plentiful for Outside of the Body, As well As the Inside.

Try Mixing a Little into Your Morning or Afternoon Shake to Gently Cleanse and Start Reaping the Rewards of Whole Wellbeing!

You May Sprinkle Organic Chlorella it on Entrees, Soups, Salads and it Makes for a Super Rich, Organic Green Drink in the form of a “Green Juice or Smoothie”. Also Adds Well in Iced Drinks.


100% Organic Raw Chlorella.


Dosage - Adults: Mix 1 Tsp or More of Chlorella into Juice, Smoothie or other Foods. Build up to 4 Times Daily. Best to Start with a Low Intake and Gradually Build up to the Recommended Amount. Children (5-12 yrs): 1/2-1 Tsp Daily.


Delicious Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipes.