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Chlorella Powder - (Organic)

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Shop Organic Chlorella Powder. A Raw Super-Algae Super-Green that Boasts an Abundance of Wellness Benefits. Same Day Shipping. Fast Service. Buy $3.99.

Real Flavour.

Organic Chlorella Powder is an Incredible Multi-Faceted Superfood that Boasts an Abundance of Wellness Benefits to Naturally Nourish Best Wellbeing and Beyond.

Organic Chlorella is a Tiny Microscopic Single-Celled Plant that Grows in Fresh Water, Is Deep Emerald-Green in Colour and Tastes Best When Mixed with Fresh Lime and Coconut Water.

Organically Showcasing a Perfectly Strong, Rich and Deep Flavour. Perfect for the Home Wellness Pantry, The Creative Wellbeing and Culinary Artist.

A Wholesome Raw Vegan and Paleo Functional Real-Food and Holistic Culinary Asset.

#Nothing-Fake. We Do Not Use Organic Flavours or Fake Flavours. To Us They are Both the Same, (Fake).

Just the Clean, Pure and Honest Taste of the Wholesome Plant-Based Ingredient.


Organic Chlorella is a Potent way to Nourish Vitality and Your Best Wellbeing and Proudly Boasts an Abundance of Nutrients Such as Chlorophyll and Naturally has the Ability to Reboot and Cleanse the Body Holistically.

Organic Chlorella is a Whole-Food and a Potent Super-Green to Add to Your Conscious Lifestyle.

The Holistic Benefits are Plentiful for Outside of the Body, As well As the Inside.

Try Mixing a Little into Your Morning or Afternoon Shake to Gently Cleanse and Start Reaping the Rewards of Better Wellbeing.

Organic Chlorella Powder Turns Everyday Food into a Functional, Whole-Food Power-House.


Pure Organic Ingredient - Chlorella Powder.

Raw and Free of Soy, Nut, Gluten, Caffeine, Dairy and Refined Sugar. (Vegan-Paleo).

Serving Size - 1 Tsp (2.8g) Per Serve.

Preparation - Goes Well with Water, Juice, Your Favourite Fruit Smoothie, Overnight Oats, Bliss Balls, Protein Shake, Ice Cream, No Bake Desserts etc.

Hand Packaged.

Country of Origin - Taiwan.

Certification - Organic Certified.

Treatment Status - No ETA, No Irradiation.

All Batches are Tested for Heavy Metals, PAHs 2, PAHs 4 and Are Confirmed to Be Absent of, Or Below the Specified Maximum (Trace) for this Product.

Hand Packaged in New Zealand.