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Christmas Bundle - (The Perfect Vegan Gift)

$ 124.99 NZD $ 107.49 NZD

Enjoy Christmas with Our Yummy Bundle and Save. The Perfect Gift. Full of Vegan Protein Powders, Rich Wellness Lattes, Nourishing Vitality Shots and More.


Our Christmas Joy Bundle is Full of Delicious Wellness Goodies that can Be Enjoyed on the Countdown to Xmas and Beyond.

Full of Unique Organic Real-Food Flavours that Naturally Unfold to Nourish the Taste Buds.

People No Longer want Crappy Unhealthy Food, They Want to Look Good and Feel Great All the Time and Our Super Yummy Bundle Promotes Vitality and Best Wellbeing.


This Christmas Bundle Gift Pack Contains Our Favourite Selection of Eternal Delight Wellness Lattes, Vitality Shots, Plant-Based Protein Powders and Organic Loose Leaf Teas, All Yummy and Full of Natures Goodness.

A Fantastic Gift to Be Shared with the People You Love.

You Can Hang on Your Xmas Tree and Use as Decorations, Then Harvest Daily to Enjoy the Countdown to Christmas. A Great Reason to Stay in the Spirit of Giving and Loving Life.

Products and Sizes.

The Travel Size Sampler Bundle is a Great way to Shop Fast and Save Money.

Travel Size - Perfect Size for Gifting to Friends and Family!

Product Travel Size

Loose Leaf Fitness Teas

1. Black Mango - (Ice) Tea

2. Love - Loose Leaf Tea 10g
Protein Wellness Powders
3. Berry Cheese Cake - Protein Powder  30g
4. Magic - Creamy Chai Protein Powder 30g
5. Elite - Chocolate Mint Protein Powder 27g
6. Olympian Fire - Chocolate Spice Protein Powder 24g
7. Muscle Pro - Cappuccino Protein Powder 27g
8. Lean Green - NZ Super Greens Protein Powder 30g
9. Lush - 12 Different Vegetables Protein Powder 20g
10. Cheesy Maca - Protein Parmesan Alternative 40g
Vitality Shots
11. Real Lax - Relaxation Vitality Shot 25g
12. Pre Power Pre Exercise Vitality Shot 26g
13. NZ Extreme Greens Vitality Shot 17g
14. Natural Vitality Shot 25g
15. Bodacious - Berry Vitality Shot 20g
Wellness Lattes
16. Koffee - Kola Expresso - Coffee Alternative 25g

17. Beatnik Latte

18. Green Matcha Delight 32g
19. Chai Delight 32g
20. Soothe Cardomon-Mint 32g
21. Hot Chocolate Blend  32g
22. Mocha Delight 32g
23. Golden Turmeric 32g
24. Gingerbread 32g
25.  FREE Sweet Delight 45g
Recipe Cards
Olympic Gold Shake, Peanut Hot Chocolate Latte, Natural Lemon Water, Deep Green Shake