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Devil’s Claw Root Tea - Organic


Organic Devil's Claw Root Tea or Grapple Plant is used Holistically as a Natural Wellbeing Tonic. Named Wood Spider Because of its Peculiar Appearance.


Organic Devil's Claw Root is Herbal Tea that has been Used Traditionally and Holistically. Devil's Claw Root is also known as Grapple Plant, Wood Spider and is Native to Deserts of South and South East Africa.

Named Because of its Peculiar Appearance, The Common Name Refers to the Inner Capsule of the Fruit which Splits open at one End and Becomes two Curved Horns or Claws.

Its Claw-like Roots are used in Wellness Tonics, After they are Chopped and Allowed to Dry in the Sun for at Least 3 Days. The Tribal Herbal Traditions of South Africa Employed Devil's Claw. Devil's Claw is one of the Bitterest of all Herbs.


100% Organic Raw Devil's Claw Root.


Dosage - 1 Tsp Dried Root (= 1 Slice) in 2 Cups.

Tea - Prepared by Steeping Devil's Claw in Boiling Water for at Least 20 Minutes Before Straining and Cooling.

Decoction - Add Organic Devil's Claw with Water to a Pot, Bring to Boil. Then Simmer for Another 5-10 Minutes.

Precautions - Safety During Pregnancy has Not Been Established. Not Recommended for those who Suffer from Stomach Inflammation, Ulcers, or Digestive Disorders.


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