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Earl Grey Tea - Organic


Earl Grey Tea Organically Elevates Your Wellness Levels & Provides You with the Same Alertness & Clarity as Coffee. Enjoy this Classic British Tea Today!


Organic Earl Grey is a Black Tea that is Flavoured with Oil from the Rind of Bergamot Orange. The Organic Compound Bergamot has a Balanced and Refreshing Classic Flavour, That was Made Fashionable by the Prime Minister of England, Earl Grey (1830-1834).

Organic Earl Grey Tea Offers a Strong Caffeine Shot and is Traditionally a Blend of Organic Chinese Black Tea and Organic Indian Black Tea, Flavoured with the Oil from the Citrus Fruit, Bergamot.

There are Five Significant Components Found in all Tea from the Plant Camellia Sinensis: Essential Oils, which are the Source of Tea's Delicious Flavour and Aroma.

Organic Earl Grey may Contribute Positively to a Holistic Lifestyle, What People do not Realise is How Vitalising Earl Grey is, and How it Holistically Nourishes.


Dosage - 1/2 - 1 Tsp Per Cup.

Tea - Add Lightly Boiled Water to your Tea Pot, then add your Organic Earl Grey Tea and Steep for 3-5 Minutes.


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