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Elite Wellness 63% Protein Powder - Organic


Elite 63% Protein Powder is 100% Bio Available for Fast Absorption of Clean Functional Whole-Foods to Holistically Nourish Fitness & Organic Wellbeing.


Organic Elite Wellness is a Raw Vegan 63% Protein Rich Superfood Blend, A Good Source of Protein with 5g per Tablespoon, Designed to Support Best Whole Wellness. Elite is Delightfully Minty with a Smooth and Creamy Cacao Flavour.

Making a Protein Shake for Breakfast in the Morning, as a Mid-Day Snack or Before and/or After Exercise is Great to Help You Get Through Your Work Day and Workout in the Best Condition Possible. Our Elite Wellness Blend is Alkaline and Plant Based.

Elite Wellness is a 63% Protein Rich Drink, Perfect for Holistic Wellness, Weight Management Goals and the True Fitness Enthusiast. If You’re Busy with Work, Training, Traveling or Just Need to Support Your Organic Lifestyle, Elite Wellness is for You!

New Zealand Elite Contains 100% No Nasties and is Based on a Rich Chocolate-Mint Wellness Composition! A Truely Fantastic Functional Whole-Food, Rich in Botanical Ingredients and Passionately Hand Crafted.

Elite Wellness is a Delicious Organic Superfood Blend and Weight Management Powerhouse. A Natural Sports Wellness and Raw Beauty Powder to Organically Boost Wellbeing the Old Fashioned Way, Through Food!

Support Your Athletic Performance with our (Real Food) Sports Nutrition and Trusted Organic Functional Whole-Foods as used by the Vodafone Warriors NRL Team Since 2014.


Wildcrafted", New Zealand^, Organic*, Ingredients - Chia^*, Pro Pea Gold, Cacao", Spirulina*, Alfalfa Leaf^, Spinach Leaf^, Barley Grass^, Wheat Grass^, Brown Rice Protein, Peppermint Leaf*, Linseed^*, Camu Camu", Kola Nut", Kelp^, Maca Root, Gotu Kola*, Nettle Leaf*, Dandelion Root*, MSM, Fo Ti Root", Milk Thistle Seed*, Coconut Crystals*, L-Glutamine, Fermented BCAA (Branched-Chain-Amino-Acids), Cayenne, Sea Salt^, Extracts: Goji Berry, Ginseng, Stevia Leaf.


Dosage - Mix 1-3 Tbsp into Water, Favourite Nut Milk, Juice, Smoothie etc. For Best Results Mix in Blender or Shaker Bottle.

ED-I - It is Recommended to Consume 1–1.5 Grams of Protein Per Pound of Body Weight if You’re Training Hard to Build Muscle.

Consume Anytime, Especially when Additional Protein is Needed or within 20 Minutes Before or After Your Workout. To Maximise Workout Gains, Add One 1Tsp of Natural to Your Shake.


Servings Per Bag and Cost Per Serving.

20g Bag = 2.5 Serves = $1.99 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $1.59.
60g Bag = 7.5 Serves = $1.33 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $1.06.
200g Bag = 25 Serves = $1.19 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.93.
450g Bag = 56 Serves = $0.98 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.79.
2 x 450g Bag = 112.5 Serves = $0.84 Per Serve. *NOW ONLY $0.68.


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