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Elite Wellness - Choco-Minty Smart Bar


Elite Wellness Smart Bar is Passionately Hand Crafted & Rich in Delicious Superfoods. Offers a Clean Choco-Minty Hit of 14g of Vegan Protein Per Serve.


Eternal Delight's Vegan Smart Bar, Elite Wellness has an Intelligent Peruvian Choco-Minty Flavour and is a Clean Functional Whole-Food.

Hand Crafted and Combined with Delicious Protein Rich Superfoods to Holistically Nourish Performance and Wellness.

Elite Wellness, Choco-Minty, Smart Bar Offers a Clean and Excellent Source of Plant-Based Proteins. 

The Nutritional Profile of Eternal Delight's Smart Bars Give You the Nutritional Satisfaction of that Despite Your Lack of Time to Prepare a Meal, Your Wellness Targets are Kept on Track!

A Convenient and Tasty Way to Nourish, Satisfy and Holistically Sustain Your Training During Endurance Sessions.


Our Flavourful Organic and Natural Protein Rich Smart Bar, Elite Wellness may Help Curb Sweet Cravings, While Providing an Excellent Source of Protein with 14g Per Serve.

Raw Smart Bars may Help You to Organically Thrive During Training Sessions and on Game Day! Perfect Before, During or After a Workout for Best Training and Performance Results. 

Our Clean, Nourishing Real-Food Bars are the Perfect Fuel for Body Sculpting, Muscle Toning and is the Holistic Athletes Best Friend when Performing Aerobic and Strength Training Exercises to Build Lean Muscle Mass and Promote a Greater Sense of Wellness.

Elite Wellness Smart Bar is a Delicious Snack to Fuel Muscle Repair, Growth and Strength Performance.

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A Much Loved Whole-Food Treat to Enjoy at Breakfast Time, Maybe An Afternoon Delight, or Even a Quick and Easy, Evening Pick Me Up! Especially When You are Short on Time to Prepare a Meal and Need a Wholesome Boost.

Enjoy a Smart Bar for a High-Quality Nutritious Snack at Any Time and Especially When You want a Delicious and Nourishing Food to Fuel Your Wellbeing. 

We Make New Zealand's Best Active and Protein Rich Bars to Assist with Muscle Building and Maintenance.

Protein is a Vital Organic Nutrient for Human Survival and Our Clean Pant Based Whole-Food Protein Supplements are Ideal.



Wildcrafted" New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Sunflower Seed, Linseed^, Chia^, Pro Pea Gold, Coconut Oil*, Maca Root", Cacao", Wheat Grass^, Barley Grass^, Spinach Leaf^, Alfalfa Leaf^, Spirulina*, Nettle Leaf*, Gotu Kola*, Coconut Crystals*, Fo Ti Root", Dandelion Root*, Kelp^, Kola Nut", Camu Camu", Peppermint Leaf*, MSM, Milk Thistle Seed*, Brown Rice Protein, Cayenne Pepper, Fermented BCAA (Branched-Chain-Amino-Acids), L-Glutamine, Sea Salt^, Extracts: Goji, Ginseng, Vanilla Bean*, Stevia Leaf.

Available in Two More Yummy Favours:

Muscle Pro, Cappuccino.

Lemony Power.