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Essiac Tea - Deep Cleansing


Essiac is a Plant-Based Raw Powder & Holistic Herbal Tea that Naturally Supports Wellbeing & Organically Nourishes Deep Cleansing & Best Whole Wellness.


Essiac Tea is a Deep Cleansing Herbal Formula which Gained Popularity in Canada During the 1930-40s for Supporting Holistic Wellbeing.


Ingredients - Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm, Turkish Rhubarb.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Boiled Water to Your Tea and Steep for 5-10 Minutes.

Strong Preparation - Use a Stainless Steel or Enamel Pot (Not Aluminium) Holding at Least 2 Litres. Measure 1330ml of Water. Cover Pot and Bring to a Rolling Boil.

Weigh out 30gm of the Essiac Mixture and Add to the Boiling Water. Stir with a Wooden or Stainless Steel Spoon.

Replace Lid and Boil for 10-12 Minutes at a Rolling Boil.

Remove Pot from Heat, Scrape Down the Sides of the Pot with a Spatula and Stir into the Mixture Thoroughly.

Replace Lid and Let stand at Room Temperature for 10-12 Hours.

Stir Thoroughly, Cover and Heat Essiac Solution to Scalding (85 C). Do not Boil. Remove from the Heat.

Scoop out the Liquid Immediately, Leaving the Sediment Behind and Strain Through a Fine Stainless Steel Strainer into Closable Sterile, Glass Jars, Using a Funnel.


Take care to Tighten Caps, Allow Bottles to Cool, then Tighten Caps Again. Store in the Refrigerator.

This is a Sensitive Preparation and it Contains No Preservatives Agents. If Mould Should Develop in the Bottle, Discard Immediately.

Prepared as Above and Filtered into Heated Jars and Stoppered, it Should Keep for at Least 1 Week. CAUTION - All Bottles and Caps must be Sterilised.

Note - Keep Out of Reach of Children. Not for Children or to Be Taken by Pregnant or Lactating Women. Use only as Directed. In All Cases of ill Health, Seek Professional Advice Before Self Prescribing.


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