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Extreme Greens Powder - Instant Raw Juice


NZ Extreme Greens is a Holistic Wellness Shot & Instant Raw Juice. Simply Add Water & Enjoy Our Cooling, Cleansing & Nourishing Kiwi, Real-Food Powder.


NZ Extreme Greens is a Clean Alkaline, (Real-Food) Raw Green and Instant Super-Juice Powder!

Containing 16mg of Calcium Per Serve, 3.1mg of Choline Per Serve Plus Potassium and Many Many Vitamins and Minerals.

Smooth and Subtle in Flavour and Rich in New Zealand Super-Greens, Including the Mighty Powerful, Young Broccoli Sprouts.

Eternal Delight's Raw Extreme Greens is a Yummy New Zealand Greens Formula and Contains Omega 3-6 and a Good Source of Dietary Fibre at 4g Per Serve.

Just Add Water and Enjoy the Lush, Delicate Flavour and the Refreshing Feel.

A Nourishing 100% No Nasties, Rich, Functional Whole-Food Blend to Help You Start Your Morning Supercharged.

Deliciously Kiwi, 100% Pure, Caffeine and Sugar Free, Creating a Cleaner Environment for You to Achieve Your Wellness Goals!


Extreme Greens is a Prime Time Alkalising New Zealand Grown Whole-Food Formula.

Organically Rich in Chlorophyll at 19mg Per Serve.

Chlorophyll is the Pigment that Gives Plants their Green Colour.

The Molecular Structure of Chlorophyll is Very Similar to Human Blood, Thus Creates More Oxygen-Rich Blood, the Very First and Most Important Element that Cells Need to Thrive.

A Quick and Easy way to Get Some Serious New Zealand Grown Clean Super-Greens into Your Body.

New Zealand Extreme Greens is Completely Caffeine and Gluten Free.

Extreme Greens has been Carefully Dried at Optimum Temperatures to Preserve Life Force and other Heat-Sensitive Elements. 

In Today's World Eating Right is Becoming More and More Easy, Thanks to Eternal Delight's Vast Selection of New Zealand Super-Greens!

In Recent Years Drinking Green Juice's have Become Popular Amongst Fitness Enthusiast and those Seeking to Reboot.


Wildcrafted" New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Alfalfa Leaf^, Barley Grass^, Wheat Grass^, Spinach Leaf^, Spirulina*, Kelp"^, Parsley Leaf^, Broccoli Sprout^.


Serving Size - 1 Tsp (2.5g).

Preparation - Mix 1 Tsp into Water, Juice, Smoothie, Salad Dressing, Dessert or Other Food.

Best Taken in the Morning or 20 Minutes Before Meals.

For Best Results, Use a Shaker or Blender. For the Ultimate Extreme Greens Experience, You can Combine with Any of our Plant-Protein or Wellness Powders.


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