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Extreme Greens - Instant Raw Juice


NZ Extreme Greens is a Holistic Wellness Shot & Super Raw Juice. Simply Add Water & Enjoy Our Cooling, Cleansing & Nourishing Functional Food Formula.


Extreme Greens is an Instant (Real-Food) Green Juice, Smooth and Subtle in Flavour and Rich in New Zealand Super-Greens, Including the Mighty Powerful, Young Broccoli Sprouts. Eternal Delight's Extreme Greens is a Yummy New Zealand Greens Formula. Just Add Water!

A Nourishing Protein Rich and Functional Whole-Food Blend to Help You Start Your Morning Supercharged. Deliciously 100% Pure and Sugar Free, Creating a Cleaner Environment for You to Achieve Your Wellness Goals!


Extreme Greens is a Prime Time New Zealand Grown Whole-Food Formula. A Quick and Easy way to Get Some Serious New Zealand Grown Clean Super-Greens into Your Body.

Extreme Greens has been Carefully Dried at Optimum Temperatures to Preserve Life Force and other Heat-Sensitive Elements. 

In Today's World Eating Right is Becoming More and More Easy, Thanks to Eternal Delight's Vast Selection of New Zealand Super-Greens! In Recent Years Drinking Green Juice's have Become Popular Amongst Fitness Enthusiast and those Seeking to Reboot.


New Zealand^ Organic* Ingredients - Alfalfa Leaf^, Barley Grass^, Wheat Grass^, Spinach Leaf^, Spirulina*, Kelp"^, Parsley Leaf^, Broccoli Sprout^.


Dosage - 1-2 Tsp.

Preparation - Mix 1-2 Tsp into Water, Juice, Smoothie, Salad Dressing or Other Food.

Build up to 2 x Daily over the First Month. Can be taken as a Daily Liquid Food as Many Times as Desired or Needed.

Best taken in the Morning or 20 Minutes Before Meals.

For Best Results, use a Shaker or Blender. For the Ultimate Extreme Greens Experience, You can Combine with Any of our Plant-Protein or Wellness Powders.


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