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Fo-Ti Tea - Wildcrafted He Shou Wu


Wildcrafted Fo-Ti, Aka He Shou Wu & Flowery Knot Root, is from the Knotweed Family. A Quality TCM Whole Root, Herbal Tea to Nourish Wellbeing Holistically.


Eternal Delight's Traditionally Raw Cured Fo-Ti Tea is From the Dried Root of a Twining Vine in the Knotweed Family, Which is Found Throughout China.

Traditionally Cured into a Herbal Whole-Food and is Best When Used in a Holistic (TCM) Decoction.

The English Translation is "Vine to Pass Throughout the Night.

Also Known as 'Flowery Knot Root', That has Red Stems, Heart Shaped Leaves and Either White or Pink Flowers.

The Chinese Nickname for the Herb Literally Means "Mr. He's Black Hair".

Wildcrafted Fo-Ti Powder is Naturally Beneficial for Both Men and Women as a Holistic Tonic, For Nourishing Stamina, Best Vitality and Overall Wellness.

Curing Method.

Depending on the Method of Processing, There are Four Different Types of Fo-Ti on the Market: Raw, Cured, Wine, and Steamed.

Raw and Cured are the Most Used.

The Production of Traditional Fo-Ti Root Involves Curing Raw Fo-Ti Roots in a Soup of Black Bean Sauce and Wine.

Our Fo-Ti is Cured in the Water that is used to Cook Black Beans for the Roots Traditional Wellbeing Purpose.


Serving Size - 1 Teaspoon (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation - Add Boiled Water to Your Wildcrafted Fo-Ti Tea and Steep for 10-30 Minutes.

Decoction - For a Strong Brew, Boil and Simmer in a Pot for 10-15 Minutes.

ED-I - To Vary the Flavour, Add Spices such as Cinnamon and Ginger.

Fo Ti Root Pieces can be used in a Teapot, But is Best Put Straight into Your Pot while Boiling.

The Wildcrafted Fo-Ti Pieces Vary in Size Considerably, but as a Rough Guide 1 Medium Sized Piece makes a Good brew for 4 Cups of Tea.

Reuse Until Depleted. You can Re-brew the Fo-Ti Pieces Two or Three Times, and Still Get a Decent Strength Tea.

Precautions - Not to Be Used While Pregnant. Results Vary Pending on How Well Each Individual Absorbs Fo-Ti Root Organically. Those with Gluten Sensitivities May Want to Avoid Fo-Ti Root.