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Goldenrod Tea - Organic


Organic Goldenrod Herbal Loose Leaf Tea has Traditionally been used to Holistically Enhance Best Wellbeing. The Americans Long called it "Liberty Tea".


Goldenrods Spring up in Mass in the Natural Summer Landscape and are Topped with Plumes of Fluffy Yellow Flowers. Organic Goldenrod Herbal Loose Leaf Tea has Similar Wellness Properties to Many Other Holistic Herbs.

The Americas after the Boston Tea Party, the Colonists having just Gotten Rid of their Favourite Beverage made a Tea of Goldenrod and called it "Liberty Tea".

Grieve's Modern Herbal Notes that in 1788 a Boy of Ten, After taking the Infusion for some Months, Passed Quantities of Gravel, Fifteen Large Stones Weighing up to 40g, and Fifty Over the Size of a Pea. 


Traditionally used as a Tea. The Tea should be Drunk Between Meals. Use around 1-2 Teaspoons per 1 Cup of Water. Pour Hot Water Over Herb and Infuse, Cover and Steep for 7 to 15 minutes Before Straining.

Precautions - Do not use During Acute Attacks of Kidney Stones or other Kidney Disorders.


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