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Goldenseal Tea - Organic


Organic Goldenseal Tea is a Holistic Tonic For Wellbeing. The Roots are Bitter-Tasting & Bright Yellow with a little Brown in Colour. Naturally Cleansing.


Organic Goldenseal Tea has a Reputation for Being a Holistic Tonic For Your Best Wellbeing Possible. The Roots of Goldenseal are Bitter-Tasting, Bright Yellow with a Little Brown in Colour and Possesses the Capability to Naturally Cleanse.

Holistic Wellness Enthusiasts have Long Been Aware of Goldenseals Many Benefits. Goldenseal was known to have been Introduced outside of its Habitat in the 1700s and there was Wide Acceptance for Goldenseal During those Days, and Exports of the Native American Plant Reached 200,000 to 300,000 Pounds Annually.

Unfortunately Goldenseal was Declared an Endangered Species in 1996 and Now Days, is Very Hard to Source and Organic is Extremely Rare to Find!


Dosage - 1 Teaspoon Per Cup. Add Boiled Water to your Organic Goldenseal Tea and Steep for 5-15 Minutes. Medicinal Brew: Boil and Simmer in a Pot for 5-15 Minutes.

To Unlock and Derive the Holistic Benefits from the Active Constituents, Organic Goldenseal Tea is made by Infusing the Dried Goldenseal Root in Near Boiling Water for at Least 6-10 Minutes.

Organic Goldenseal Tea can then be taken Orally or Applied Topically.

Precautions - Because Goldenseal contains Berberine which Stimulates Contractions, Goldenseal should not be Used During Pregnancy.

Goldenseal Tea May Also Raise Blood Pressure and Should not be used by those with Hypertension, As Well as those Suffering from Heart Conditions. Goldenseal may Raise Blood Pressure.


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