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Gotu Kola Powder - Organic


Organic Gotu Kola Powder is a Raw Ayurvedic Superfood that Calms the Mind & is Often Called the Elixir of Life, & a Wellness Pharmacy in One Herb. 


Organic Gotu Kola is One of the Most Important Holistic Wellbeing Herbs in Ayurveda’s Botanical Chest and was Described in the Original Ayurvedic Textbooks Several Thousand Years Ago.

Gotu Kola is an Amazing Raw Organic Superfood that Lives up to its Name, which Means "The Energy of Universal Consciousness".

Those Familiar with "the Doctrine of Signatures" May Not find it Surprising that a Plant with a Leaf that Resembles a Cerebellum, would have a Special Affinity for the Brain.

Gotu Kola is Often Called the Elixir of Life, and a Wellness Pharmacy in One Herb. An Ayurvedic Super-Herb, that has Historically Been Consumed by Yogis Holistically to Assist in Meditation.


Organic Gotu Kola is a Natural and Holistic Whole-Food that Gently Cleanses the Body, which Makes Gotu Kola Powder a Superior Wellness Superfood.

Gotu Kola is also Famous for Promoting Lustrous Hair and is a Cooling and Relaxing Holistic Herb, Making Organic Gotu Kola an Excellent Tonic for Pitta. Also Calms the Mind and Reduces Excess Kapha in the Body.

Some Common Names for Gotu Kola are Indian Pennywort, Marsh Penny and Water Pennywort.


Dosage - Use 1/4-1/2 Tsp Per Day to Your Smoothie, Shake etc. You can Mix Gotu Kola Powder with Ginger Powder in Equal Proportions. You can also Eat 1Tsp Twice a Day, or Make a Paste with Water, and Apply in the Mouth to Cleanse.

Precautions - Gotu Kola May Cause Miscarriage if it is taken or Applied During Pregnancy. Therefore Pregnant Women should Avoid using it in any Form. Gotu Kola may Raise Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels, So Individuals with High Cholesterol or Diabetes should Not take or apply Organic Gotu Kola.

Very Little Information is Available on how Gotu Kola Might Affect an Infant or a Small Child. Therefore, its use is Not Recommended while Breast-feeding or during Early Childhood. Ingesting large Quantities of this Gotu Kola is Not advised, as it can cause Headaches.