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Gunpowder Green Tea - Natural


Rolled Tightly to Preserve Freshness, Gunpowder is a Bold Green Tea that Naturally Fuels an Active Lifestyle & Supports Holistic Weight Management Goals.


Gunpowder is a Super Strong Green Tea, Bold in Colour with a Striking and Unforgettable in Rich Flavour. A Holistic Weight Management Loose Leaf Tea that Naturally Curbs Cravings for Fatty Foods.

Green Tea Leaves are Naturally Rolled into Pellet-Like Balls Resembling Munitions used in the 1600s, which is How the Gunpowder Tea Derived its Name.


A Naturally Strong Green Tea Aptly Awarded its Title, However was Originally Rolled Tightly to Preserve Freshness and Maintain Moisture During Long Voyages Overseas. 

Gunpowder's Benefits are Released when Hot Water is Added to the Leaves and the Pellets Slowly Unfold, Containing Beneficial Effects on Stamina as well as Boosting Overall Wellbeing.


Infusion - Ideal Water Temperature for this Type of Tea is Between 70 °C (158 °F) to 80 °C (176 °F). For the First and Second Brew Leaves should be Steeped for 1 Minute Only. Can be Steeped many Times. Gunpowder Tea is Natural Astringent and Mildly Bitter.

ED-I- You can add a Very small Pinch of Stevia or Mint to Soften the Taste.


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