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Hemp Seed Oil - (Organic New Zealand)


Organic New Zealand Extra Virgin & Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil has a Delicious Nutty Flavour & is a Gourmet Source of Raw Fats for Best Holistic Wellness.


Organic New Zealand Hemp Seed Oil, Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed is Considered to be the Most Nutritional of All Oils Available.

Try Adding Topically to Your Skin and Raw Beauty-Care Routine.

A Delicious and Nourishing Organic Oil that has Amazing Holistic Wellbeing Properties.

Organic and Virgin Hemp Seed Oil is Considered Wonderful for the Skin and is Rich in Raw Beauty Benefits!

A Fantastic Cold Pressed Oil, Perfect for Vegans and All Wellness Enthusiasts. Canterbury New Zealand Hemp Seed Oil has a Delicious Nutty Favour and is a Nutritious Alternative to Olive Oil and Flax Oil.

As an Added Benefit, Organic Hemp Seed Oil Also Happens to Be One of the Best Moisturisers Out there, Thanks to its Ability to Penetrate Skin Cells and Lubricate Them.


Grown in New Zealand Organically, Free of Pesticides and Chemicals. 100% All-Natural and Organic Hemp Seed Oil Gives a Nourishing Boost to Your Overall Wellbeing.

New Zealand Hemp Seed Oil Offers Versatility, A Mild Organic Flavour and is a Beneficial Superfood Addition to Any Lifestyle.

Hemp Seed Oil can be Used on the Face and Body. Since it Doesn't Clog Your Pores, It is Safe to use Daily and will Keep Your Skin Radiant and Hair Silky Smooth.


Serving Size - 1 Tbsp (15ml).

Preparation - Goes Well with Fruit Juice, Smoothies, Salads, Pasta, Soups, Ice Cream and Your Favourite Recipes.

Do Not Heat Above 150 Degrees Celsius to Preserve Natural Wellness Benefits. Also an Excellent Choice for those Unable to Swallow Capsules.

Refrigerate After Opening. Best Stored in Freezer for Maximum Self Life.


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